3/08/18 10:38AM

I have a pair of floral print Docs I bought in ebay a few months ago so I guess I’m inadvertently extra trendy. Read more

3/08/18 10:17AM

When she says he’s “more handsome in person” it looks like she’s about to grab a knife and fork and eat him right up, y’all!!! Read more

3/08/18 10:07AM

I would like to join this group even if it turns out to be a cult.

3/08/18 10:02AM

If I could have Adam Rippon and Lin-Manuel Miranda as my personal life coaches, I could take over the entire galaxy before lunch.

3/07/18 9:57PM

No baby coming, yet dog is still dying. Why? Sorry, I’m losing my mind tonight. So much sadness.

3/07/18 9:43PM

My old man who had been there with me from college graduation to marriage to the pregnancy from hell where he never left my side had such severe dementia when I was about to give birth. Was a week away from having our daughter when we had to put him down because he refused to eat, could not understand day/night Read more

3/07/18 8:36PM

This Saturday, assuming he makes it that long I have to say goodbye to my sweet bo who I have had for 14 years. He’s at least 17 and it’s time but it sucks.

3/05/18 7:22PM

Have you ever watched the British tv show “The Supersizers”? If you haven’t, these two (really adorable) hosts who basically spend each episode pretending to live in a certain British period (eg, Victorian, the 70's, Rome, Medieval). Part of that is eating the cuisine, so you get the hilarity of watching a poor chef Read more

3/05/18 7:21PM

IIRC, Barbara Bush’s cookie recipe (back from when candidates’ wives would gamely compete in performative femininity) was just a Toll House recipe, halved.

3/05/18 6:57PM

I wouldn’t even know where to start with the really old school recipes (like Mrs. Beeton’s) because they don’t give any measurements at all! Like, take one goose, stuff it with breadcrumbs, “bake as usual” WTF IS ‘AS USUAL’??

3/05/18 6:53PM

I have some old recipes from my great-grandmother (no idea how old they are, parts of the cover are missing) that never mention temperature because they were meant to be baked in a fire. Trying those is always an adventure. I also saw a show recently where they explained that before people had clocks, they would Read more