Thursday 9:02PM

Yeah, if the writer had actually read the article that they copied this story from he might have notice it was just reporting on the fact they had an abundance of unsold cookies that never even left their bakery warehouses because of declining membership and COVID. The story was just reporting on a fact, The Girls Read more

Thursday 8:03PM

So is the Q&A format a new editorial mandate? I get it was probably done to try to boost SEO rankings but it feels like a really disjointed way to do a “x-things we liked/didn’t like” piece.

Thursday 4:17PM

I never would have heard of this nutjob until you gave her exposure on this website, which probably has a much larger reach than a local Fox affiliate in Houston. Read more

Wednesday 7:54PM

Yeah, if only GMG had an entire fucking blog dedicated to Sci-Fi and Fantasy, that would probably be the place to analyze a new Star Trek trailer by someone who knows about and likes Trek instead of intentionally being snarky to troll fans. Oh well. Read more

Tuesday 3:35PM

How would brining “ancient warriors” like Vikings, with no idea how to use modern weapons, technology, or military tactics (let alone language) be an advantage? Read more

Tuesday 2:57PM

Yes, let’s get angry at the person that has done the most to visibly increase minority representation in theatre in at least the last 25 years, that’s very productive. Read more

6/11/21 8:08PM

Isn’t this more of a sequel series than a spin-off? 

6/11/21 7:54PM

I love Lance Reddick, but with this casting it’s going to kind of be hard to use Wesker as a eugenics/racial supremacy allegory that he is in the games. 

6/10/21 12:48PM

In interviews I’ve seen he was always just confused by it (he is friends with Stone and Parker though so he wasn’t offended or anything). Read more

6/08/21 3:10AM

I know really the main reason to write about this story is just to get outrage clicks, but good Lord add some context to a story if you’re going to write about it. 99% of people outside of Canada have no idea what The Globe refers to or who “Doyle” is.

6/03/21 2:57PM

Um, you know that Starfleet is a military organization too, right? The government they are a branch of (United Federation of Planets) typically is depicted as being more benevolent than we are, but Starfleet itself is still a military staffed with enlisted and commissioned officers.  Read more

5/24/21 4:34PM

I can only assume that we’re getting this as opposed to a rebooted X-Men is because someone besides Disney still owns the streaming rights to new movies for at least a few more years. 

5/20/21 3:00PM

I think you meant to title this piece “Hocus Pocus 2 Will Run Amok Next Fall on Disney+” since it’s not coming out until 2022.