6/07/21 6:54PM

Yoon wrote on Twitter in response to Doyle: “Dear sir, as an Asian Canadian woman, a Korean-Canadian woman w more experience and knowledge of the world of my characters, the lack of Asian female, especially...”
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5/11/21 2:43PM

It’s okay to stand against abuse, to agree Rogen should do everything on that list, and to still dislike Ms. Yi.

5/11/21 1:09PM

In 1986, he was 23 and had like six credits to his name. I’m going to cut him a little slack for going along to get along. Blame the director and producer.

4/29/21 6:47PM

I feel this way, as well. Like, yes there should be gay and bi and trans characters, and it’s a reflection of the absolute desert of queerness in anything Disney (and in most media, really) that’s led to people speculating this. Read more

4/23/21 4:24PM

Are you from the future? Season 3 of The Mandalorian hasn’t happened yet. >.>

4/21/21 12:26PM

Is it me or does Ray Fisher strike you as someone who was done wrong but is also kind of an asshole? See: Rose McGowan.

4/21/21 11:55AM

Ray Fisher wants to make it really clear that he NEVER wants to work again, doesn’t he?

4/13/21 6:39PM

“For characters who appeared in all three games, like Liara, Garrus, Kaiden, Captain Anderson, and more, we maintained slight changes throughout the trilogy as they aged, matured, hit by a rocket,” Read more

3/31/21 6:50PM

I will never understand why an alien species not being a specific gender is considered a victory for the trans community. Would it not be simpler and better to just have trans humans?

3/29/21 6:49PM

Man, this is a weird article. While I certainly never thought of Bucky and Steve together and the only dates or romantic interests we’ve ever seen him have were women, I would certainly buy Bucky as gay or bisexual man if they choose to go that way. But the scenes referenced in this article for he and Sam were not Read more

2/19/21 5:16PM

Where’s Chun-Li in Mortal Kombat?  :snicker:

2/08/21 11:58AM

It’s interesting that the author of this piece thinks President Biden is a center-right politician, while I think President Biden has gone pretty far looney left. Maybe there’s something to this?

2/07/21 1:10PM

Appreciation for engineering/mechanical devices. Both watches and cars have an incredible amount of design, engineering and craftsmanship involved and I have an appreciation for that type of work.

1/30/21 3:34AM

Very “meh” I’m signing off to go read the High Republic right now.

1/30/21 1:01AM

I’m seriously concerned The Eye is going to turn out to be another cookie cutter Sith Lord with revenge on his brain.

1/28/21 4:07PM

You had me at fantasy Nick Cage assassin, you crazy son of a bitch.