The ever-present football-player rapist
Jul 13

This was my honest take on that one. Depends on the diss, but religion has a lot to answer for and proselytizing (if that happened) is annoying AF. Read more

Jun 18

“The World’s End” is terrible and inevitably you can’t talk about either “This is the End” or “World’s End” without the other coming up. Read more

May 29

The *vast* majority of the apps I use were installed via .exe rather than the Windows Store or other type of appstore

May 29

My mind is boggling that you think every Windows app or utility lives in Microsoft’s “Appstore”

May 15

Yup.  “Oh boo fuckity hoo I haven’t gotten a hug for almost two months - guess that makes risking other people’s lives ok then!”

May 15

Thanks, y’all.  My uncle is dead because other people decided to be selfish and greedy.  You are the reasons we will have at least some lockdown measures for the rest of the year.  Everyone who ignores the rules extends the rules.  Go to hell.

May 15

“But he’s also having a lot of confidence issues with not being allowed to work. Begging my spouse to be turned on by me is the biggest boner killer and marriage ruiner in the world so I’ll take my once a week marriage sex and keep getting the rest of my fix somewhere else.” Read more

May 15

Don’t glorify or give these shitheads attention. Some of us are trying to not die.

May 15

And I needed for someone to touch my body after having not even have received so much as a hug for over 6 weeks.... Most of my friends were quarantined with partners; they receive touch every single day and have a shoulder to cry on. I was happy for them, and also felt resentful for any judgment that could have come Read more

May 12

1st Gear: 80% drop in profit still means they are making a profit. I would see this as a pretty good silver lining given the situation. Plenty of others are talking losses.

Mar 27

Since when did you start this slideshow shit??? WTF is this? Buzzfeed? I had to scroll through all f’ing 35 of the gdamn slides to register this complaint. I know things have gone down hill over the years, but really? There are so few websites that I actually enjoy anymore, I’m barely hanging on to the this one. I get Read more

Jan 17

In college once we tossed cooked pasta with a pack of fake lobster meat and flour and water. Idk wtf I was thinking I don’t even think I cooked the flour. Maybe like a partial roux in mind, missing all the critical elements of heat and fat? It scared me off improvisation in the kitchen for like a decade. I’m much Read more

Sep 13

Peep the intersection on Street View. Case St & Whitney Ave.