"Not a real" DrDonna
Monday 4:53PM

Isn’t Psychonauts 2 not an exclusive? The wiki is wildly out of date, if so. Also, I appreciate that not everyone has a computer at their house, or at least not one capable of gaming, but it always strikes me as odd that nobody every really mentions the giant asterisk on “Xbox exclusive games” that are also gonna be Read more

Friday 6:26PM

They are, my statement was vaguely worded. I expect those reservoirs to be way down, even Berryessa, which is usually much slower to drop than other reservoirs in this area. My normal swimming holes are on the south fork of the Yuba River, which in good years looks like this:

Friday 2:05PM

I live and work in the Sacramento area, and it’s weird to see some of the changes that are already happening, even so early in the dry season. Some of the rivers we’d normally swim in are at 1/3 or less of their normal amount for this time of year, and I fully expect Folsom and Berryessa to be waaaay down by the end Read more

Friday 11:22AM

All I want is a port of Windwaker to the Switch, which is still still still just a rumor. Which it’s been since basically the Switch first came out. Frustrating.

Friday 11:20AM

I was able to get a PS5 relatively easily (compared to my GTX3080) with the use of twitter alerts and this web monitor plugin called Distill. It still may take a week or two! But it’s doable, which is the thing.

6/08/21 11:29AM

Based on this and the slipper things he made before, I’m beginning to wonder if Kanye is aiming to follow in the footsteps of Kellogg’s with their corn flakes and Sylvester Graham’s crackers, which were products designed by religious weirdos to minimize pleasure/stimulation as a means of avoiding inciting licentious Read more

6/08/21 10:41AM

I’m trying to think of a complete outfit with this and those terrible slippers, and really it just makes me think of someone who might fit in in the future world from 12 Monkeys. That’s...uh...not a look I am generally going for.

6/07/21 11:17AM

This one’s definitely a RICO. These people are totally equivalent to shouting fire in a theater.

6/07/21 11:14AM

One of my favorite stories about the Buffalo Soldiers actually took place in Yosemite. They were charged with ensuring that the local ranchers didn’t use park lands to graze their cattle-which was quite a task when park lands were enormous, and took literal days to cross. The other issue was that they were not able to Read more

6/04/21 3:40PM

I think that it’s mostly a COVID thing, either directly from shutdowns or indirectly from other industries (like lumber, fabric, etc) shutting down, leading to shortages.

6/04/21 2:03PM

Dang, nice! Yeah ours was definitely more than that, but also it’s a four-piece sectional, so I can’t be too surprised. I’m definitely looking forward to it...once holiday season rolls around haha

6/04/21 1:38PM

We bought a couch from La-Z-Boy like a month ago (the Paxton, in “Smoke”, if you’re interested). It’s supposed to arrive between like September and December. So that will be nice, someday.

6/04/21 10:46AM

The part at the end where her mom was asking if she and her roommate were “official” and whether she’d be bringing her home to meet the family was pretty straightf0rward.

6/02/21 8:23PM

Hey come on now, after all that came out in the press, Chip basically kicked the dirt and said “aw shucks jeepers guys can’t we all just get along?”

Like, isn’t that adequate apology for supporting a hate church? Because if not, I’ve gotta go have a talk with some politicians who might be in a bit of hot water.

6/02/21 12:20PM

Interesting! As someone who already is in the Eufy ecosystem via their doorbell, this definitely seems like a good addition. I noticed that you don’t mention battery life. Some of their similar offerings have 180- or 365-day lives before needing to be charged, so it would be good to know how this one stacks up.

6/02/21 10:40AM

Religious fundamentalists would generally rather cut off their own arm than leave their marriage (unless the other person did something truly unforgivable like murder at least six people or support the gays).

6/01/21 6:24PM

I know it’s tempting to fantasize about kicking someone like this in the fork, but you should really stop and consider what consequences such an action might have. You could strain something, or hurt your foot, while doing so. Make sure to stretch beforehand and wear appropriate shoes!

6/01/21 12:08PM

I managed to get a 3080 FE at retail, and honestly the pricing and features on these do not make me jealous. Even if all of the current lineup were available at retail right now, I’d probably just get the 3080 again.