"Not a real" DrDonna
Friday 5:32PM

I’m begging y’all to give this ghoul the LEAST amount of attention possible. I don’t care what “outrageous” or stupid donkey shit dribbles out her mouth — quit giving her oxygen. None of this is new or worthy of reporting on. I see some Jenner article basically every other day. Read more

Thursday 2:38PM

“The other thing is they are not only trying to raise up minorities and make sure the playing field is even, they’re trying to take down the white culture.” Read more

Wednesday 11:50AM

IDGAF how clever these shitheads think they are. The entire thing shows that she sees ALL Black people as nothing more than a joke, and trash to be mocked. Read more

Tuesday 10:20AM

Does anybody buy Yeezy merchandise for any other reason than the name?  Maybe I’m missing something but in my opinion it’s purposefully ugly.  That jacket looks like a sleeping bag with sleeves.

6/07/21 9:10PM

Doyle is an ass, and you’re right in what you say about him, but the previous poster is correct about how poorly this article is written, in its unexplained references to the guy (I only knew he’s the G&M’s crappy TV hack because I’m Canadian) and to the frequently-cited-but-unlinked article that apparently provoked Read more

6/07/21 1:29PM

I’m not sure what there is to celebrate here? A municipal government entered into a shady lease with a private group, the result of which is that tax payers will shell out at least half a billion dollars to repair something, the city will then again turn over to a shady private equity group.

6/06/21 4:58PM

I’ve got a Rita’s in my part of Cali, and I’ve seen Italian Ice in the freezer section of stores off and on for years, but they’re not especially common. Hawiian Shaved Ice or sorbet is the more common solution to the desire for something like that around here.

6/05/21 5:04PM

Aha, so it is an east coast thing! As someone who grew up in CA and WA “sorbet or snow cone” are exactly where my mind went, I’ve never even heard of water ice!

6/04/21 9:38PM

The trick is to get as much mileage from someone else’s traffic without sharing the lane.

6/04/21 4:26PM

Is there a link to the video somewhere in the article? I couldn’t find it.

6/04/21 2:28PM

I ordered mine in January and they told me six months and now they say September... be prepared for a long fucking wait. 

6/04/21 1:48PM

They get a lot of eye rolls, but LZB furniture is really the most durable. I have a couch from about 2012 that my big ass dogs lay on and lick every day, jump over the top of, and sometimes gnaw on...and it still is holding up. A little rough around the edges but totally mostly acceptable. I think I only paid like Read more

6/02/21 5:15PM

This is why it is always the right thing to do to call restaurants in advance and ask if you can film there for your youtoks or tiktubes, or whatever the youngs are doing now, before you turn up on the day.