Oct 6 2016

Actually first they came for the mimes but everyone was pretty okay with that.

Oct 6 2016

I don’t understand the point of this article, if it is not to just poke fun/attack a news host on a station the author does not agree with. Read more

Sep 30 2016

You mean to tell me that the cake is a lie?

Sep 26 2016

YEAH! I mean what does a presidential nominees stance on cyber security have ANYTHING to do with technology? I mean really! What kind of operation is this!?

Sep 25 2016

in memoriam, all flags will be flown at half mast\half lemonade.

Sep 21 2016

I know that Daimler (the British coachbuilder that used to sell limos and gussied-up Jags, not the German Daimler AG aka Mercedes) had a custom Jaguar Super V8 made for the queen with a sliding purse holder in the armrest back in 2001! P.S. can somebody “approve” me so I my comments can appear? The guy you responded

Sep 16 2016

I’m just so worn out with the ignorance... Apple never tried to “replace” USB. In fact, Apple was heavily criticized when they released the iMac because it eliminated legacy parallel, serial, SCSI, and ADB ports replacing them all with a single new standard called USB. Because the rest of the industry is so afraid of Read more

Sep 14 2016

his arms better be like 20 feet in circumference by now if he’s been rowing this fucking long

Sep 14 2016

As a man, I have a great idea.
If women would like to be heard more in the workplace, when one woman makes a point, the other women in the room should reiterate the idea and credit the initial speaker. Read more

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Sep 14 2016

“We only display still images. No movement at all. There just happens to be 60 images displayed per second.”

Sep 14 2016

I can’t speak for Gizmodo, but I will say that if I could go back to 2013 and choose whether or not to run all of my coverage on Doom, Arkane/Prey, and Fallout 4 knowing that Bethesda would blacklist me and Kotaku for the next 3+ years if I did, I’d run the stories every damn time.

Sep 14 2016

The Ship, because iTunes: “the ship is syncing”.

Feb 26 2015

I don't think what he's talking about is related in any way to uncanny valley.