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Jan 6

A “luxury” car company that couldn’t even be bothered to add CarPlay until the 2020 models totally had this coming. I think Lexus gets away with it on the GS because it’s the last of it’s kind in the market, but even that is a really poor excuse. Read more

Aug 30

The back half of the special is actually much better. I would’ve bailed just like you did if my coworker hadn’t warned me to push through.

Aug 26

Not to mention theres a HUGE aftermarket for these engines. Can’t find an OEM part? I bet you can find a silicon/billet/etc aftermarket part thats stronger/better from places like 034, Apikol, Tyrolsport, etc.

Aug 7

He was actually just trying to work out how to rape while dealing drugs most efficiently, but forgot to carry a 1.

Jul 11 2019

Jesus kegstanding Christ. This dude’s last words are going to be, “I’m not dying. You’re dying. I’m going to live on a farm!”

Jun 21 2019

The call against Ferrari was the correct one, and frankly Vettel got off easy as far as I’m concerned. I have a hard time seeing why anyone would dispute that - driving way off track (“error” or not - still should be a 5 second penalty itself) but it looks like he kept his foot on the throttle all the way through Read more

Jun 21 2019

I say this as a former Army officer, but war is too cheap now. With drones, cruise missiles, and near impenetrable tanks, it’s just dollars down the hole. As Robert E. Lee said “It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it.” We’ve made war cheap and cheapened lives in the end. Read more

Jun 18 2019

Huh....a book about a group of people who were being set up to be deported and were sent to a concentration camp....kind of solidifies AOC’s point that these are concentration camps in the South. 

Jun 18 2019

I’m old enough to remember when Stewart DESTROYED Tucker Carlson and he was never heard from again, the end.

Jun 11 2019

It matters a lot, actually - I have found that workouts done in your early twenties are much easier than in late forties.

Jun 10 2019

Fact: If ever you find yourself having to justify a decision the next day, you made the wrong decision. This applies to all facets of life. 

May 15 2019

I’m Canadian and don’t know how things work precisely in American Congress, but it seems crazy to me that the House of Representatives can’t give itself back some power when it comes to deciding whether or not the country goes to war. Isn’t it the most direct representation of the “will of the people”? Your ridiculous Read more

May 14 2019

Logical thought has no place where we’re talking about police in America, duh.

May 10 2019

Good. It’s the only way to get Republicans’ attention - BUT OUR JERBS! Losing the film industry would be a huge fuck-you to Georgia. Louisiana has a similar law moving through the legislature and I hope Hollywood would boycott us as well if it passes (our Dem governor may veto but he’s been anti-choice in the past Read more