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Jul 12 2019

I had Oscar before, I think my plan was a silver? or which ever gave me free generic prescriptions, I need refills monthly and my pills can cost 180 for a 30 day supply out of pocket. It cost me 465 per month, and the deductible was 7k IIRC.
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Jul 11 2019

Moron, this discredits his faith entirely, cause if Christ was truly in his life there would be no risk of committing a sin against himself and his wife. Not committing adultery isn’t hard.

Jul 1 2019

Been thinking of this for a while, and although the damage is done to our system, the only way to get back some of that loss is to wrap up that whole family, and their cabinet, as well as the key GOP enablers (the turtle and such) and send them to the Hague, give them the warlord treatment all the way to their Read more

Jun 3 2019

How sad! I fear for this (we have 2), dogs are such amazing companions, with tragically short lives, if feels like its not enough time to love them or for them to love you back, you will always want more.

May 16 2019

Women are the white mans last hold on slavery(controlling human bodies). Also I wonder what the statistics are on legalizing prostitution? I’ll bet the results arent very different.