Feb 13 2017
$5k Track Day Car

Looking to get a track day car for approx $5000 stock, I can spend some in parts and do work myself. Main uses are

Jan 17 2017
Next Up for a Test Drive

Always looking at what is next, it has been 20 months since I bought a car anyway. So this Friday morning I will be

Sep 19 2016
MIS Autocross

I am looking at registering for an autocross this Sunday at Michigan International Speedway. The

May 11 2016
Cars and Coffee Indy

I am going to C&C Indy this Sunday at the IMS Museum. Still deciding what car to take. Anyone else going???

Mar 31 2016

My job search is bearing fruit and I have two offers. Should have a job lined up by tomorrow. Now to worry about the

Mar 29 2016

I put mothballs in my Camaro over the winter. While I now know this is a mixed success and horrible thing to do, I

Mar 11 2016
Test Drive

Not many plans this weekend and I finally found a Renegade 4wd Manual so I made an appointment to drive one tonite.

Feb 11 2016
Phone Going Crazy

All of a sudden my job search is going somewhere, after months of nothing a handful of companies at once have some

Jan 21 2016
Two Cars with an Apartment

Later this year I’ll most likely be moving and will need an apartment. As I have two cars, one of which will need to

Jan 19 2016
Job Hunt

Pictures represent start and current status. From Targa Newfoundland which I would like to do if I can get a job and

Jan 16 2016
Chili Bowl Anyone?

Anyone else watching the Chili Bowl tonite? I got the Lucas Oil TV year subscription. I used to stay somewhere that