The Church of Bill Hicks
Mar 31

I’m really not. June’s got more plot armor than any character I’ve ever seen at this point and it’s almost beyond parody, especially in a show driven by the premise of brutal and immediate consequences. Read more

Mar 26

My clearest memory of this movie is at the same time it was coming out, there was some story making the TV Morning Show rounds about a jilted bride suing the groom that left her at the altar, and I wondered why they didn’t use that as a cross promotional tie in of some sort. Read more

Aug 2

I feel we missed out with Hicks on W. and Trump. Although as much as he was a foundational figure for me, a lot of his stuff didn’t age well.

Aug 1

Thanks so much, interesting response. I’m not sure what to do with Ellen herself in this; as others have mentioned, her playing around with GWB and subsequent pearl clutching when she was called out over it makes me question her at every level, and I would have hoped that people would have given more credence to Read more

Aug 1

Brad Garrett and [turns crank on thing full of Bingo balls also bearing the names of celebs] Leah Thompson have come forward, alleging that DeGeneres is far from the dutiful though ultimately innocent leader she’s trying to cast herself as.” Read more