The Church of Bill Hicks
Mar 29

Guaranteed you enjoy some stuff that I and others would find fencepost dumb.

There. There’s the attention you’ve been trolling for. The sacrifice to the edgelord godz has been made.

Mar 29

I thought she quit drinking awhile back, I hope she's kept it up!

Mar 29

Atheists that turn atheism into it’s own dogma where if you disagree that x is the cause of the world’s ills you are wrong and let me explain to you why in the most condescending manner possible.

Mar 27

He’s a creepy weirdo who’s anti-trans, spends hours talking about what a drug addict he is and has ties to ufc. which should just about tell you what kind of person he is.

Mar 27

Pardon me, what now? Sounds like some prince has a really great publicist. Might I bring us all back to normal as we enjoy this:

Mar 17

No irony, Garth Brooks was one of the all time greats as an SNL host.

Mar 16

I’ve heard that the show plans to address it, which I think is pretty fantastic, supportive, and could lead to some bold, progressive storylines that I certainly hope includes a great Umbrella Academy dance sequence.

Feb 24

No questions about Fast Color the scifi film where she played Gugu  MMbatha -Raw’s mother?

Feb 24

I think Fight Club kind of falls into the Starship Troopers category of movies where a certain portion of the audience pulled the entirely wrong message, basically because they can’t fathom satire. Read more

Feb 19

John Cena with some aging/de-muscle-ing CGI could play Hefner.

Feb 14

Oh gods no. That steaming pile was better than Suicide Squad, but so is a slap to the face with a wet fish.  It was bad.

Jan 31

So you’re basing it in a couple of roles? Do you think Keifer Sutherland is a racist Marine? Richard Dreyfuss is a right wing Senator? Alan Rickman a German terrorist? Read more