4:39 AM

Good to know Kotaku isn’t below being petty over other people’s work 

4:37 AM

Taking pot shots at the Jimquisition? Why? That comes across as needlessly petty and snobbish “YouTubers aren’t REAL Journalists” which seems not like you.

8:08 AM

Like do they mean the whole book or does that also including quoting it or using it for citation in news pieces, articles, essays etc? 

10:29 AM

That sounds like a good argument for Pokemon shouldn’t be an annualised release, they need off years and GameFreak need more time to breathe, make other things and not suffer burn out which more and more it feels they do. It did wonders for Assassin’s Creed.

3:30 PM

In the games, real animals do appear though only in small ways, Butterflies and fish in the overworld, Bees appearing in some fight moves, mentions of them by NPCs and the Pokedex etc.

9:04 PM

I hate to say this but your right. Can’t speak for Pokemon, but for YGO, their is a very good reason why their is a huge second hand market for just getting the card you want or pre-made decks or why online alternatives like YGOPro are popular, it’s because people don’t want to deal with the sheer, sometimes obnoxious Read more

8:10 PM

What hate is in that headline? As the article says, their is a massive sale on at Epic and could potentially get a ton of people get their accounts blocked if they buy a certain number of games. It’s better to warn people about that issue with reporting like this. Read more

3:38 PM

Honestly, this isn’t a smash problem, this is a game issue that needs to be addressed, as I said in another comment, I’ve seen in so many genre’s, MOBAs, Hero Shooters, Fighting games, racers, sports, RPGs, MMOs, Looter Shooters, FPS’s, Battle Royales etc. Read more

3:28 PM

Pretty sure you’ve just described, any situation like this ever, not just fighting game, but MOBAs, hero shooters (Hi Overwatch fans), FPS, Looter Shooters, Sports, MMO, Battle Royale game. Read more

3:49 PM

Am I the only one watching that Sonic animation who thought that the pacing, the comedy and the artstyle looked disturbingly like Egoraptors work? Like it looked like one of those YouTube shorts from Years back. Read more

3:48 AM

Yeah, I’m confused on what this article is trying to say. Why is being a bus driver a bad thing? I don’t get how driving themselves is bad? This is the kind of upper class snobbery I expect to see from crappy wealthy UK Tennis or Rugby fans or press, not from a site like Kotaku.

5:07 AM

Is their any particular reason you decided to act like an arse there? You seem to just go into every article just to play devil’s advocate and be an arse to random people. It’s kind of pathetic at this point especially when your comment are getting to the point of weak sauce like this one.

6:11 AM

I’ve had people do that to me as well, they basically think if you don’t like unlock or really anything gameplay wise they like, you must therefore be pro loot boxes, microtransactions, DLC heavy games etc.

1:46 PM

This for me is what I prefer as well, I don’t care if it’s less “the pretty/pure/hard way” as Luke said in another article (because nothing makes the gaming community feel better then petty elitism over helpful options), sometimes I want the help because I get sick of backtracking over and over the same area because Read more

3:14 AM

Like with Tier lists in fighting games, what those who rely too much on Meta is that A. Meta changes and evolves, even years later, with new strategies, ways to play supposed to be discovered, B. That metas like Tier lists only really matter at the highest levels of play and in Overwatch’s case, that’s like Master+, Read more

1:30 PM

The sequel to the Virtual Boy original, The 64 classic brought us Captain Price’s twin, Waprice.  

6:16 PM

So how many of the toxic fans who have spent this year booing, sending death threats, making crack pot “theories” about Bayo players and generally have been ruining events, tournaments, comment threads with their toxic, elitist and crappy attitudes etc will feel vindicated and go unpunished for what they’ve been doing?

Read more

6:02 PM

This, if they need all these revenues JUST to make even (don’t buy it), then the AAA industry is in dire needs and just adding more plaster to an issue that will eventually burst. It’s not on the customer to bail them out of their own problem that THEY made not us with over expansion.
Read more

5:49 PM

It’s especially odd for Kotaku because back in 2014 and 15, they were and Ubisoft blacklisted them for it, wonder if there still blacklisted?
Read more