TheBloody, Oppositelock lives on in our shitposts.
5/18/21 1:44AM

I’m actually..... dumbfounded by this article. I’ve come to expect trash “keyboard warrior” articles from Bradly, but this one really crossed the line of what I assumed Jalopnik editors would approve. Its hostile for the pure sake of hostility. I have been coming to this site less and less lately, but I am serious in Read more

5/17/21 10:52PM

Rory, is this what you want Jalopnik to be? I know that there are still some very talented writers here, who are passionate about the automotive world. It would be nice to see more of them, and less of... This. I don’t like responding to hate with more hate, but if I came across Jalopnik as a new reader and read a Read more

5/17/21 9:48PM

This is an incredibly salty take and in very poor taste considering the Glick has been a friend to Jalopnik for years. Read more

5/17/21 9:07PM

Man, Jim has been around these parts longer than you have, and always been a good dude to talk to. Why are you always interested in the hate train?

4/28/21 1:55PM

Your comment is technically correct (the best kind of correct), but in this context it is based on a faulty premise. As far as I know, no automotive manufacturer is using truly water-based paints. What they use are waterborne paints. It is more precisely referred to as a suspension than a solution. The paint is not Read more

11/16/20 2:25PM

While I appreciate the batshit insanity of driving a smart car across a waterfall, posts about busted shitboxes with rusty bolts is not explicitly Car Content. Stick to cars! If you guys don’t start posting neat 150 word canned summaries of manufacturer press releases to boost your SEO numbers (and Great Hill’s Read more