TheBloody, Oppositelock lives on in our shitposts.
3/15/21 10:02AM

I have been trying to figure that out myself. I’m 90% sure there is a center diff because I have heard an audible mechanical clunk when putting the truck into low range. When I find out more I’ll pass the info along. 

11/16/20 12:39PM

This is the oldest post referencing Oppositelock I can find so I’m going to put a little something here for anyone who finds it. wasn’t just a blog, it was a small place on the internet automotive enthusiasts would frequent because not only was it about cars, but it was also about what was Read more

11/11/20 4:41PM

To explain how important Oppo was/is in my life. I literally posted on Oppo the day of my wedding that I was getting married. Like sitting there in the room with my groomsmen waiting for the photographer to get ready to take our shots together I quickly hopped on with my phone and posted.