Though he didn’t mention it in his speech, Rubio has supported three exceptions to making abortion illegal—in cases of rape, incest and if the mother’s life is at stake. Read more

Some of us do use superfine ;)
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It’s hard-earned. In my first year of law school, I had a major depressive episode - which went untreated, because it was my first one and I had no idea what was going on. My life that year was a motherfucking hellscape nightmare. As I began to claw my way back out in the subsequent years, I had to jettison any Read more

It’s worth pointing out that DeRogatis played a large part in breaking the R. Kelly story, and his careful, meticulous work on that story couldn’t stand in greater contrast to Rolling Stone’s UVA piece. His work gives such a lie to Rolling Stone’s excuse — we were just too sensitive to rape victims, you guys! — Read more

This is really a kind comment. Thank you Read more

So then you don't consider an author's perspective in any way before reading a book, that's what you're trying to tell us? You never choose books on the basis that they might broaden your horizons or expose you to new ideas and view points you've never encountered? Read more

I guess we could say it's only fair to have a woman-only Supreme Court for 192 years. Anything more than that and it's unfair. Read more

Hypertrichosis? I was surprised to find a cat with the same condition last week, which I didn't know could happen... (cat's name is Atchoum)

SO MANY BRANDS! The top nine "executive committee members" are almost all brands or, to be a bit more specific, the charitable arms created by brands in their attempts to appear socially conscious. Read more

I would have stuck my fingers in my vagina and painted fuck you with period blood on the wall, but I'm an animal. Read more

I'm sorry, but the only way Chucky Boy saw an abortion performed, and wasn't there as a participant, is if he was the father. Maybe that's who his "med school friend" was, a girlfriend he knocked up and then went with her when she had the abortion. Not many clinics or doctors allow this, but there are a few. Read more

I grew up with curly red hair in a family of wavy blondes and brunettes. No one understood my pain. My mother kept my hair cut short - so short that my nicknames were Shirley Temple and Orphan Annie. Oh, that's fun. (not)

When I finally was allowed to start growing out my hair, my mother's stylist was AWFUL. I ended up Read more

I had a civil conversation with Holly Fisher's husband.