The Armdancer
Apr 15

You’re very right about it being a deconstruction, but none of that is why the last two seasons were so bad (not just received poorly—they were bad). I don’t know how often I and so many others can reiterate this: It’s not what happened that pissed me off, it’s that it wasn’t earned. Read more

Apr 14

Fast 10 he gets to space and meets Riddick and they do a double team style movie

Apr 14

They’re just going to keep shortening the title with each new iteration. The tenth will simply be X. The eleventh will be two vertical lines. The twelfth merely a visual representation for the function F(x) =

Apr 13

In the mid-90s I biked from Brooklyn to a place in Queens I’d never been to before, and I wrote the turn-by-turn directions on a long strip of paper and then coiled it around my handlebar, unwinding as I arrived at each turn. I feel like that story should end with a gratuitous get-off-my-lawn.

Apr 13

Presumably spoken like someone who didn’t spend middle school hearing kids say “Thank you come again” every time you walked by them.

Apr 12

Caricatures don’t have to be purposely or overtly negative to be harmful, especially when that caricature is one of the few representations of that ethnic group. If Bleeding Gums Murphy was the only representation of the Irish in popular culture there would be some Irish Americans who found it problematic. Actor Jay Read more

Apr 12

I don’t totally disagree with you, but I think a lot of the problem is that he’s a caricature created from an outside perspective that, due to his beloved status on a near institution, has had an unfathomable role in shaping the perception of Indian Americans in popular culture. Genuine ill-intended racism aside, The Read more

Apr 7

It’s like a gritty reimaginactament of Voltron and Battlestar Galactica where they have to find the missing key to reveal the Final 5th Girl.

Apr 6

The actor says this made him think of Black actors like Gary Coleman and Jimmie Walker, who became synonymous with the catchphrases of their TV counterparts. Read more

Mar 30

Wake them when the Democratic congressional leadership combine into Mecha-Hillary and start smashing up a major city.

Mar 30

I had no idea he was Oliver Hudson’s half brother! Just kidding. I knew. I learned about it on the Rules of Engagement message boards I frequent. 

Mar 24

This just isn’t factually based. It was my own therapist who suggested to me that abstinence is not the only way. I OD’d multiple times during 2014, 2015, 2016. And have not touched a hard drug or drank enough to have a hangover since 2018. But I do drink. I do smoke weed. Therapist actually thought the weed may help Read more

Mar 20

And Halleluiah by Leonard Cohen plays on the sound track.

Mar 18

It’s actually Eric, on top of Don Jr., on top of Ivanka... in a trenchcoat.

Mar 11

I always thought it was odd he lived in that dream house, with a beautiful wife, a son who owns a factory and lobster for dinner.. Meanwhile I live in a single room over a bowling alley and under another bowling alley.

Apr 2 2018

They’re not blurred out. That’s what the human face looks like in the future.