9/20/15 8:07PM

Jamie Alexander also played lady Sif in both Thor movies, and had a new show debuting this fall called Blindspot.

9/07/15 12:42AM

The year I started kindergarten, My family moved across the country. We had been living in a remote region where french was the primary language. My family did speak English, but not often. I had a thick accent, and a speach impediment, so my English was almost incomprehensible. We had spent the summer with my Read more

8/22/15 11:16AM

My dad wasn’t even thinking about embarrassment, he was just “being funny. Life lessons are important Cate, this is my life, I share the lessons”. I’m not still bitter lol.

8/22/15 11:13AM

They probably did, it’s pretty common. Most of the people I know who grew up in ministry could tell you similar stories.

8/21/15 6:13PM

My father is a religious leader. One of his favorite things to do when I was growing up was to use stories from mine or my brother’s life as examples in his sermons. The week he talked about the crush I had from the pulpit *while that guy was in the room listening* was probably close to the worst thing. That, or Read more

8/12/15 3:48PM

This is one of the most accurate and distressing things I’ve ever read. It needs to be everywhere.

3/31/15 1:27PM

Not that I know of, which is really sad. I'd love to have a picture of the look on my face. On our blurry video you can see when everyone started laughing though.

3/31/15 1:13PM

For my wedding I had decided to have the center aisle lined with ivory silk rose petals and brass lanterns containing electric (thank God) candles. I tasked my dad with placing the lanterns, telling him to leave room for us to walk. Apparently he didn't take my dress in to account. As I started down the aisle, I Read more

7/17/14 3:30PM

This! A million times! I actually said that to my dad a few weeks ago, proudest moment of my month. This encapsulates exactly how I feel about the current birth control debate.

6/09/14 12:53PM

The thing that bothered me the most was that he refused to listen when I tried to explain he was mistaken. My brother is fairly conservative, but usually he can be reasoned with. He refused to let me call myself a feminist. I'm still upset to be honest.

6/09/14 12:03PM

My brother tried to tell me that I wasn't a feminist because I believe in equality. He said that made me an egalitarian, not a feminist. He refused to budge on feminism being "man hating women wanting to control the world". He supports my "egalitarianism" though *facepalm*.

6/04/14 3:02PM

You're missing one. "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman.

5/26/14 3:56PM

I usually do Save-On, but I've looked at Safeway and Superstore. Haven't checked Sobey's though. I should.

5/26/14 3:44PM

Peach lipsmackers. It was my favorite flavor by far, and I can't find it anywhere. Strawberry and Vanilla are poor substitutes.

5/26/14 3:33PM

The whole red line was great. Especially the hair mask. I actually bought 3 tubs when I realized it was being discontinued. My super fine-prone to breakage hair really misses that stuff. Most stores around here don't even carry the red shampoo anymore.

5/26/14 3:30PM

Don't toy with me, that was my favorite drink ever. I used to put it in rubbermaid bottles to drink at school because we had a "water only" policy. It was delicious rebellion.