12:48 PM

I love that truck but goddamn does it desperately need an updated powertrain/transmission. 

10:19 AM

You must have not liked my comments from a professional and knowledgeable and legit source for the commentary I provided. Those cute fire trucks won’t happen anytime soon. Not in 10 or likely 20 if not 30 years...

5:52 PM

Until energy/battery density can be improved, these things won’t be able to pump at a fire and get back to a charging point before they go dead. Read more

4:31 PM

The ex-gawker sites are pretty much the only places where reading the comments is not just suggested, but pretty much required. Thank you for fostering that community, and thank (the royal) you all for writing what other places couldn’t and wouldn’t.

4:58 PM

Strong building codes are great, but it’s a double edged sword. The increase in construction cost will end up pricing more people out of the market. This was the case for some folks in Florida after Hurricane Andrew. A lot of those people who couldn’t afford to build to the new code would later end up in mobile homes. 

5:03 PM

David Tracy still has his first Jeep. And always will.

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10:34 AM

shhh. let’s ignore all the horrible things China’s government has done. Orange man bad!!! 

10:13 AM

I’m far from a fan of Trump, but ALL press coverage of this situation paints China as some innocent party that is being bullied by Trump.  Just a little bit of research will show that although I don’t agree with Trump’s methods, the status quo on China trade is not tenable.  

9:22 AM

God I hate that cartoon.  A real duffer from normally solid XKCD that conflates free speech with the 1st Amendment.  The 1st Amendment is simply our attempt at protecting free speech, with a body of jurisprudence clarifying our legal system’s take on it.  Free speech is quite literally the freedom to speak, a freedom Read more

2:18 PM

You leave a lot on the table with them though. I have a friend who is TUNDRA 4LYFE, buys a new one every year or so. They’re loud and suck fuel like no tomorrow.  I can’t think of a single thing they do better than anything from the big three.

10:56 AM

The last recession almost broke me to the core. Up to it’s peak companies sucked you dry and worked you death while you had to tell employees you can’t give some of them raises because there isn’t money and they accept it as there’s nowhere else they can go for work because no one is hiring. When your company finally Read more

4:32 PM

Why don’t you blame it on the car instead. The WRX has a buyer median age of 35, with millennials accounting for 2/3 of overall sales. If any of the big three offered a comparable combination of performance, utility, and affordability they would lower the median age by at least 10-15 years.

3:53 PM

OHMYGOD I drove one of these in college. Things to know about driving a 76 cutlass- the hood is gigantic. As in, when you are driving on small twisty roads in southern indiana, the road will just.. disappear behind a wall of hood as you crest a hill on a little 2 lane country road. Is there a tractor? Is there a cow Read more