Randy Quaid, the latter of whom is a red flag in most any movie” Read more

The Staten Island of Dr Moreau .  Read more

I think it’s also important to understand the difference between “overrated” and “bad”. I think FF7 is a very good game, it’s not in my top 5 of the series but it’s a very good game among very good games. I also think it’s overrated in how people tend to regard it. It was certainly technically groundbreaking and did a Read more

The Nightbreed (The Tribes of the Moon) aren’t demons. They are more akin to werewolves.
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‘barely above NES’ graphics? How old are you? Because in 1991 it was a massive jump in graphics compared to NES. Read more

A list such as this has me praying for a new ice age.  Read more

I started losing faith once Mando became a direct continuation of the Filoni-verse. I didn’t watch Clone Wars or Rebels. I know who Ahsoka is purely through cultural exposure but generally she doesn’t mean much to me. And it seems like S3 is just fully Filoni-versing it up, which I don’t care about. Read more

Do my instincts deceive me, or did we receive a first introduction to Elijah Wood’s new character Read more

...it just may finally be time, in the words of Dwayne Hicks, to call game over, man.

I’ll draw your attention to this interview with Samuel L Jackson and a British reporter on Colin Farrell: Read more

It’s every single zombie movie ever made meets The Road. Read more

Tubi has all of Lucio Fulci’s flicks, some of them in great transfers. It’s like an interdimensional mom n’ pop video store from 1989.
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Considering how many people have abandoned them due to lackluster (or outright stupid) articles and overly intrusive (and browser crashing) ads, they’ve gotta try getting money from somewhere. And any group stupid enough to complain about being “involuntarily celibate” while also having a month dedicated to celibacy Read more

Hell yeah! Let’s promote this right-wing, fascist recruitment tool! But it’s anime characters! Read more

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<The point<<<<<<<<< Read more

Here’s a fun video games fact: The Sim City games went hard on anti-nuclear power (making meltdown disasters so “common,” or even a thing at all) because of Will Wright and co.’s open anti-nuclear bias. I can personally say that my impressionable-90s baby impression of nuclear energy was influenced by this, presumably Read more