I have heard of it though. It’s literally on my Steam wishlist. Read more

I’m surprised the Battlestar Galactica reboot didn’t make the list. An incredible show that completely botched the ending. Supernatural also had an awful finale, though that was mostly because Covid meant they couldn’t get the cast together like they wanted to. Read more

Hob Gadling, Morpheus, and Constantine are a love triangle? Someone hasn’t actually read Sandman. Read more

Reading through these Yellowjackets articles on AV Club, I seriously wonder if they even watched the show. They get so many things wrong. Read more

Cue Madonna’s “What It Feels Like For A Girl.” Read more

Resident Evil Remake is a retro game! *crumbles to dust Read more

“...Whose Line had an original run from 1998 until 2007.”

The original Whose Line is it Anyway started in 1988. The ‘98 version was when Drew Carey hosted it, but it had been around a lot longer. Read more

Yes, it’s a pretty cool indie neo-western. I saw it on Netflix, not sure where it’s available now. Read more

No love for Prospect? Stop me if you’ve heard this one, Pedro Pascal plays a badass who has to escort a young girl through a hostile alien world. Read more

Watched the premiere of The Last of Us at a friend’s house last night and their TV isn’t set up properly and has “motion smoothing” turned on. It looked like absolute garbage. Way too bright and flat. Everything looked like it was shot on really cheap video, like a Betacam video under fluorescent light.  Read more

No wonder Skinamarink got such great reviews! Read more

So is it just me or has Pedro Pascal become typecast as “badass sci-fi adoptive father?” Between this, The Mandolorian, and the underseen-yet-awesome Prospect, it seems like he keeps getting the same role. Read more

Oh no, the video in The Ring has way more going on in it than this movie does. Seriously. Read more

Having seen both, I can tell you that it does not. Easily the most boring film experience I have ever had. Read more

Not to mention, that the premise is just another rip off of Romero’s Dawn of the Dead that we’ve seen hundreds of times already. And given how many times Romero got screwed over by people ripping off his ideas, yeah I bet he wasn’t too keen on it. Read more

It’s the second best 90s cyberpunk project Bigelow directed! Wild Palms is number 1, of course. Read more

I mean, The Last of Us is a very good video game, but honestly the story is, well it’s just the exact same retelling of Dawn of the Dead that we’ve seen hundreds of times at this point. In fairness to Last of Us, it’s told well and it has some of the best ACTING in a video game I have ever seen, but otherwise, yeah, Read more

Some of the best 70s and 80s horror and exploitation discoveries I’ve made this year have been on Tubi. Also, I watch on my computer and the adblocker stops all the commercials! Read more

Adding The Chill Factor to my list. That looks like bonkers fun! Read more

I was always partial to Tarantino’s loose adaptation of The Man from the South in the anthology film Four Rooms.  Read more