Jul 5 2015

I wonder if Taylor Swift is super popular, super rich person who is living aa picture perfect” life. I can’t tell. I hate how humble, low-key and private she is.

Jul 5 2015

Like ... Rihanna doesn’t map out every minute of her fun for her followers to consume. Because she’s too busy being the literal coolest. Read more

Jul 5 2015

Adultosaur might end our friendship over this, but I just really can’t stand T. Swift’s overly-curated Insta-life. And I say this as someone who loves her music and also her cats.

Jul 4 2015

I lost pretty much all respect for Jim Carrey five or six years ago when I saw him on Larry King Live with Jenny McCarthy (remember when they were a thing?). Ostensibly, the topic of the hour was autism awareness but, of course, these two crackpots went further. I’d already been aware of Jenny McCarthy’s Read more

Jul 3 2015

Last year, Hobby Lobby ruling. I celebrate the 4th every year with a party and fanfare. I could not stand the idea of celebrating this country after that. This year is different though. So, so very different.

Jul 3 2015

When I moved to Brooklyn two days before and it was 97 out and I had a terrible cold but went for a bike ride anyway, and then I got my period all over my bike. Then I went home and slept through fireworks and had no friends.

Jul 3 2015

I do the opposite and never take anyone seriously. Both can lead to fun misunderstandings.

Jul 3 2015

Bruh, the first study shows that police cadets tended to have stronger racial biases than college students. Yeah, obviously we don’t exactly know what was going through the minds of the cops in each instance. But we can look at these empirical studies and conclude that it’s not really a surprise that the cops rolled Read more

Jul 3 2015

WELL SPOTTED. Taken at face value my comment must seem ludicrously uninformed. Comically so, you might think. Rest assured that’s largely intentional. You see, I’m working on this thing where I say something ironically in order to provoke laughter. Read more

Jul 3 2015

A loaded rifle and a kevlar vest at a Macy’s portrait studio? I’m gonna be that person who does not believe his story. He was gonna kill people. But, of course he was arrested without one bullet being fired, even though a lot of cops are fearing for their safety from unarmed men. I wonder why that is? Hmmmmm.......

Jul 3 2015

What is America coming to when a white, kevlar-protected, active service member can’t even bring a loaded AR-15 (with several additional magazines of ammunition) to a crowded mall without civilians panicking and calling the cops????

Jul 3 2015

I mean, they aren’t tucked into a corner booth in a dimly lit diner confiding in each other. She’s at work.

Jul 2 2015

He’ll have gone through a lot of 32 year old hearts by that year though.

Jul 1 2015

There is a broad expanse between the choice to “spurn the concept of a wedding entirely” and paying $14,000 for the “little” leftover things. I agree that there’s a weird amount of wedding-budget shaming. You’re paying for a party for dozens of other people!! It’s maybe the only time you will ever do that! But it’s Read more