Apr 3 2017

Me and my ex would do this. We did that, we did “we’re getting married”, we did “we’re breaking up”, pretty much any dumb shitty couples “prank” you can think of. People would get mad at us and we’d always defend it like “it’s just a prank, chill”. At the time (a decade ago.. jeez) we thought we were being hilarious, Read more

Mar 7 2017

Christ, and I thought it was annoying in Arkansas. Here it’s just “no sales on Sunday, no sales after 1AM” (but a lot of places close at 10 or 11 on weekdays and midnight on Saturday anyway). South Carolina’s laws sound downright draconian - you can’t say the devil word! We have to know exactly what you’re buying! etc.

Mar 2 2017

“I have no idea why she called the cops, blown out of proportion” is a really terrible excuse, right? like I feel like that’s what people say when they’re, uh, lying.

Feb 21 2017

Alison Krauss is kind of a blindspot for me, and this may not be the place to ask, but what albums of hers should I check out? I’ve really liked what I have heard of her, which has usually been covers.

Feb 14 2017

I feel like any time someone says “don’t share this” or “take this with a giant grain of salt” on the internet, the internet is 110% always going to do exactly that. It’s like when someone says “hey don’t Google this”, then of course *everyone* is going to Google it.

Feb 8 2017

We totally had actual sex education too! I think one of my favorite things about the public high school I went to was that our elderly sex ed teacher was sex positive. She was pretty open about how bullshit abstinence-only education was and admitted that she only taught it because she was required to. She knew teens Read more

Feb 2 2017

I’m not sure about getting rid of SNAP all together but as of December there were plans on the table to cut the budget for it and severely limit what people can buy with SNAP benefits. No junk food, all that.

There’s also plans to cut Medicaid and Medicare spending, focused mainly on programs that service the disabled, Read more

Jan 26 2017

I’m sure Trump’s response will be one of bluster and bravado and “Nieto’s scared to face me!” despite the fact that he practically dared him to cancel.

Dec 23 2016

I remember being 5 and my teacher always “correcting” me by forcing me to write right-handed. When we got in trouble we’d have to write our names on the chalkboard, and I went up to do that once and started with my left, got reprimanded, switched to my right, and my name took up a good 1/4 of the chalkboard when I was Read more

Dec 20 2016

Oh, 100%. I probably didn’t articulate myself well but that’s what I was trying to get across. It’s certainly not her fault or anyone else’s but his, but it blows my mind that someone could have a relationship that seemed that special - with someone who seemed to be so in love with him - and still cheat.

Dec 20 2016

Who the fuck cheats on *Nicki Minaj*? Someone who doesn’t know what they had, that’s for sure. She’s probably gonna be better off without him and continue to be a star while Meek just fades back into the background, being brought up only as “that dude who cheated on Nicki”.

Dec 16 2016

What always gets me about the makeup complaints is that men wear makeup too, we just happen to call it “facial hair”. I mean, christ, if I couldn’t grow a beard I’d look like someone slapped a bad wig on a deformed, pock-marked baby doll and called it a day.

EDIT: Which isn’t to say women wear makeup - or ‘should’ - Read more

Dec 15 2016

Exactly. I went to high school with a guy who eventually opened a gym and was just convicted a few years ago of molesting one of his students, a 13 year old girl. In my hometown people still go “poor guy, the rest of his life got ruined..” and it’s like... He ruined someone else’s life, but let’s go ahead and talk Read more

Dec 12 2016

I’m kind of surprised at the amount of comments calling them a “normal couple”. Nothing about them has ever struck me as being ‘normal’, and Tarek kinda seems like he’d be a d-bag. *shrug*

Nov 9 2016

It fucks me up that there are people who voted Trump who claim they’re allies. Who go “I have minority friends, I have gay friends, I can’t be a bigot or a racist”. You’re still complicit in all this fuckery. You knew EXACTLY what you were doing, and you don’t get to fucking “well actually” when people point this out.

Read more

Nov 1 2016

I’ve been obsessively checking Five Thirty Eight for a few weeks now and watching the gap close in their election forecast. All I can think about is how I was assured by British friends that “the Brexit won’t pass, we’re not worried” and those same friends are telling me now “Stop worrying, there’s nothing to worry Read more