Smoak on the Water
1/06/21 11:36AM

My wife and I were both diagnosed right after Thanksgiving. For both of us, our first symptom was smell though she lost taste as well. She kept asking over Thanksgiving dinner “does this taste OK? Everything fine? It’s really bland” and then when she couldn’t smell the coffee, we feared we’d somehow been exposed. Her Read more

4/07/20 4:21PM

I read something about this last year about the cruise industry. There’s a legal reason that dates back to the early 1800s as to why cruise ships aren’t flagged in the US - the ships aren’t physically made here in the States, and no US ship maker actually makes cruise ships domestically. Many of the cruise lines are Read more

2/04/20 3:55PM

I already possess multiple sporks. This is like a bonus spork. 

I already possess multiple sporks. This is like a bonus spork. 

1/31/20 8:22PM

I bought one based on the description alone.

I do not need a spork, as I have several. I do not need anything tactical as my taxes already pay for the largest military in the world. But damn if I don’t suddenly need a tactical spork in case I ever stay at The Continental.

I bought one based on the description alone.

I do not need a spork, as I have several. I do not need anything

12/31/19 12:52PM

For as bad as the Nissan Versa is, and it’s truly a lousy car in nearly every aspect of motoring, believe me when I say the Nissan Versa Note will make you BEG to drive the full Versa. I travel a lot for work, and most of the time I get a decent car - Ford Focus-types - but on back-to-back trips through Charlotte, my Read more

12/27/19 9:45AM

Nobody EVER listens to any such warning. How many small southern towns had their little downtown cores ripped to shreds in the 1990s by a new Walmart built on the highway on the outskirts of town? How many clothing mills in the rural Carolinas had to close because Walmart demanded 10 packs of black dress socks to be Read more

11/18/19 1:42PM

You know, I just saw new packaging from Entenmann’s yesterday, different color scheme. Wondered if it was just holiday-related or a new look?

10/21/19 11:41AM

Because Flacco sucks. And I say this with a Flacco jersey in my closet, a gift from fellow Ravens’ fans who were simply too excited after his crazy Super Bowl run. 

10/21/19 11:40AM

I think the common perception is that Russell Wilson doesn’t have elite pass catchers in Seattle, and he makes them better than what they actually are. I thought prior to yesterday he deserved to be in the discussion, but that was just about the worst I’ve ever seen him play. I’m a Baltimore guy, but I’ve always liked Read more

10/21/19 11:33AM

That’s OK - I’m a Ravens’ fan, wife’s a slightly-insane Giants’ fan, and our 4 year old wanted to know the team in the “pretty red jerseys” yesterday.

The Redskins.


10/21/19 11:24AM

I legit can’t stand Ben Roethlisberger as a man, but as a football player, that man is a tank among Camrys most of the time. I do think he’s going to age rapidly in his 40s, and I wonder how much abuse his body can absorb before it fails spectacularly.

10/20/19 8:36PM

To be fair, it's easy to play defense when Russell Wilson inexplicably turned into Joe Flacco for a day.

10/18/19 9:32AM

True; the New England playoff game with the drop in the end zone and bad FG attempt come to mind as the team letting Flacco down. It is amazing how Flacco could be so effective against New England - the Ravens were sometimes the toughest opponent the Patriots faced some years - and would just shit other people's beds Read more

10/18/19 9:29AM

If there was a wing in Canton for drawing defensive pass interference plays, Flacco would already be enshrined. Never seen anything like it - dude could throw for 220 yards for the game but draw 130 in DPI to Torrey Smith. Bill Simmons used to crack about that on his pod cast and columns, and I was like “DON’T GIVE Read more

10/18/19 6:55AM

As a Ravens fan, it is astounding how many of my Autumn Facebook Memories are of single-line status updates bitching about Flacco throwing into triple coverage or getting sacked after holding the ball for 8 seconds during a three man rush. Read more