Smoak on the Water
1/06/21 7:15AM

Interesting.  I tested positive on Saturday.  So far my only symptoms are headache and fatigue.  I still have my taste and smell.

12/28/20 6:31PM

Troll or no troll, major high five to this woman for snatching that name. The smartest thing you could have done in the 90's is buy a domain name and then make a company pay you for it. There’s legitimate businesses around it. Facebook paid somewhere around $200k for their initial domain and then another $8M for the Read more

12/28/20 5:53PM

Yeah, I can laugh about it now, but my daughter and daughter-in-law were in tears at the time. Read more

10/21/20 12:00PM

To me that is a sign of how well he broke people down. Because, like, any rational person looking at that guy on the doc would not be able to see anything particularly note-worthy (he’s not ugly, or anything, but let’s be real; he’s very average looking), but I guess if this guy has spent ten years telling you that Read more

10/21/20 12:05AM

Yeah, I would read it as a kid when my parents were done with the magazine, I think she would talk about interesting puzzles sometimes. I know there was a long discussion of the Monty Hall problem (I just checked, and she was explaining it correctly).

10/20/20 8:55PM

“Marilyn vos Savant,” there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. For some reason I instantly thought of Parade magazine. Didn’t she have a column or something?

10/20/20 6:48PM

If I was Nippy (worst nickname ever) I would have played it cool, went to Albany and jumped that lil’ twat during one of his late night jogs and beat the living hell out of him, in a ski mask of course.

10/20/20 2:32PM

Did anybody ever find out if he legit scored 240 on an IQ test? Obviously he’s a smart guy, and at having an answer to everything that turns a person’s words back on them and makes them obsessively examine what’s wrong with them, always them, and not him, he’s a fucking genius.  I’m really not sure how he managed to Read more

10/20/20 12:02PM

I wouldn’t say “boring” because it’s actually rather fascinating, but like someone else said, they Netflixed the shit out of it. They s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d it out so much over 9 episodes, when it could just as easily been told in 4, that it seriously tries one’s patience.

10/13/20 12:13PM

Eh, I felt the opposite. For me the real draw of the earlier seasons wasn’t the “wacky characters having adventures” aspect but that it was all set in a mundane office with real office problems. HR issues, unionization, after-work parties, uh, “fraternization”, etc. When they got rid of all of the drones it just

10/13/20 11:52AM

Honestly, I loved the coma seasons. It was a great way to take characters that I liked a lot and putting them into scenarios that just wouldn’t have fit in the context of the world that they inhabited. It was a good way for the writers to stretch creatively and give themselves a break from needing to come up with a Read more

9/15/20 5:03PM

The Netflix special clears up the Bryan Douglas Wells bit. He was a victim. He was told to say, if caught, that it was black people who did it to him otherwise they told him they would remote detonate the bomb, which was on a timer with directions for him to do X, Y, and Z to deliver the funds in order to get the bomb Read more

9/15/20 1:32PM

The Bureau of Land Management has really gotten out of control.

9/15/20 1:31PM

Lol these people can’t even lie correctly. Seriously, THAT’S what whey went with?? They couldn’t even attempt to make it sound more convincing?

9/15/20 1:25PM

I know where that intersection is and some days those kids can be a little, pushy about cleaning your window, but I’ve only ever seen them get angry if someone was being an asshole to them first. Honestly it’s just a bunch of bored teenagers trying to make some money, I guess next time I see little becky and her Read more