2 Fast 2 Spurious
8:27 AM

Quit it at the second season when they spent what felt like 10 episodes just riding through a fucking forest. Read more

4:45 PM

Just because other people date used up hookers doesn’t mean I want to. Have you or Tom ever bought a rental car? You can pay $2K less for your rental Camry now, but when you sell it you’re gonna get $2K less “because it was once a rental.” The scarlet letter will follow the car its whole history.

8:49 AM

Id rather be choking from coronavirus than from being smothered by a tyrannical government. 
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12:31 AM

Maybe I am missing the point here. I would think the real issue is that after warning people to “think long and hard” about going out of town and encouraging people to “do their part”, her family immediately went (far) out of town. Read more

2:01 PM

Let me think... what else do the 54 sim racers in my league do on the weekends? Read more

6:39 PM

I’m surprised it took me this long to find this comment. I don’t fully trust any jack or any stand, no matter the brand. I try my best to make sure the vehicle has some redundancy in not killing me by other means, be it wheels, metal ramps, or even a cinder block. And of the operation isn’t wheels off, ramps all the Read more

7:52 AM

“when it does happen is because the target(s) of the warrant are real dangerous people.” Read more

9:45 AM

I have to disagree with you. I served in Iraq with the US Army Reserves, many of the soldiers I deployed with were police officers in their day jobs. I understand the challenges of breaching a building, and I value the safety of law enforcement. Read more

11:11 AM

OK so in addition to Discovery and Picard, we’ll have Lower Decks, the Georgiou spinoff (which honestly I’m ok if we never see), Strange New Worlds, and the Nickelodeon one (which looks to be called Prodigy). And Short Treks if you want to really count it as its own series. Am I missing anything?
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10:19 AM

Back to School is a much better movie than it should be. Dangerfield really elevates that movie past what should have been a cheap Animal House with an old guy. 

11:59 PM

What context do you mean? That your gun owning friend is not a genocidal nazi but every other gun owner is? That’s called a double standard. That your friend is non-existent and invented to make a point? That’s called a lie. The context that makes wishing death on the family of a stranger with whom you have a Read more

8:12 PM

yep, if you do not announce, what do you expect, you just look like someone breaking into the house with guns. The response should be big for the 2nd amendment morons, but i’m betting it wont for some reason.