2 Fast 2 Spurious
Today 10:26AM

A “high speed pursuit” would then make this all felony evading which changes this scenario completely. Please keep your eye on the ball - even when licking boots

Today 8:59AM

This is based on a study on propulsion needed for long-term crewed Mars exploration, not a comprehensive, approved plan. The presentation included an assessment/comparison of Mars launch windows, not a declaration of aiming for 2033. Quit trusting foreign Reuters reports, they’re almost always wrong. 

Yesterday 1:48PM

Based on the videos, it appears it was just off the transporter, and still in transport mode. It does not appear it was put in there by the new owner, but rather it had not been taken out of the mode yet post-shipping. Also, Transport Mode has no effect on airbag installation.

Yesterday 1:42PM

The entire thing is a CGI deepfake by Tesla shortsellers, pedos and anti steering yoke conglomerate.

Tuesday 3:39PM

Even if your company values you AND there are a few budget dollars available (two very big assumptions), be prepared for the big put-off: Not a yes, not a no...just a “well, let me look into that and get back to you” type of response. Directors and VPs are extremely skilled at this.

Best strategy: Ask once and give a Read more

Tuesday 6:50AM

That’s a major part of what’s wrong with it. It’s essentially the symbol of Japanese imperialism and the racist massacres it entailed. Unlike here in Germany, something akin to Denazification has never happened in Japan. Mind you, “our” Denazification hardly deserved that name - but in the long run, it was effective Read more

6/17/21 7:08PM

Isn't it just Disney's dumping ground for stuff that Disney+ is too much of a pussy to stream.

6/17/21 3:34PM

Since releasing 2009’s Demon’s Souls on the PlayStation 3, From Software has carved out a niche in the gaming world for its unique brand of unforgiving combat. Read more

6/17/21 3:30PM

I can’t hear any story about Phoenix, Arizona being horrifically hot without thinking about King of the Hill

6/16/21 1:00PM

It’s ok, you just lack the ability to empathize with people who’s life experiences differ from your own. That’s pretty normal, you can tell by looking around you.

You also might just be simply, unable to follow the process of “vehicle = shelter & shelter = safety. Non operable vehicle = towed = no vehicle = no shelter Read more