2 Fast 2 Spurious
Yesterday 6:05PM

Finally.  The fucking rule made zero sense in the context of IBR, which a huge amount of borrowers are on, and will probably be on until their loans are retired at 20 years or whatever.  

Tuesday 9:42AM

Plot twist: it’s actually a Voltron Challenger and all the Demons come together to form it.  

Friday 5:40PM

I think that’s just the wraithification process that inevitably sets in for all conservatives after they mortgage their soul for beans. Read more

Friday 4:29PM

All these posts arguing about the definition of “interstate” are beginning to make me think a non-trivial portion of the Jalopnik readership has at some point run afoul of the Mann Act...

6/18/21 11:36AM

Unfortunately, knowing the mindset of American business, the odds that anyone other than federal and bank employees actually get this holiday off are probably so close to zero that an electron microscope couldn’t find a gap between the two.  

6/18/21 11:22AM

My current favorite hypocritical dunces on this front are definitely the recalcitrant NFL players like Josh Allen and Zach Wilson. A recent study looking at the autopsy results of ex-players who donated their brains for science found 110 out of 111 demonstrated CTE. >99%. And these morons are fretting about a vaccine?

6/17/21 4:17PM

To me it’s Sekiro, even though it actually has the highest plat rate if any of their titles, if I recall. In the Souls games, for most encounters there are numerous ways to skin a given cat, so if nothing else you can switch to a radically different build and try to find something that fits your style, e.g., god knows Read more

6/17/21 3:58PM

It’s cool, only 50,000 years to the next Ice Age, that’s a paltry ten times the length of recorded history.  Piece of cake.

6/17/21 1:31PM

If it meant them finally unlocking the M.2 slot so I could upgrade my fucking storage, I’d actually do it.

6/16/21 3:21PM

So? Let them dispute it, they can slug it out with the 800-lb gorilla rather than taking advantage of a single, largely defenseless consumer.  

6/16/21 11:53AM

Further, they’d never be able to claim self-defense, as shooting to “wound” would necessarily mean by logical extension that the shooter lacked the requisite fear for their imminent safety, thus the act of firing was inherently unjustifiable.  

6/15/21 4:14PM

They didn’t say what years.  Could be Neptunian, 330 Earth years sounds about right.  

6/15/21 4:05PM

LOL. Why anyone would want to buy into any “ecosystem” and place themselves completely at the mercy at a single manufacturer, rather than going the component route with established industry-wide “standards” anyone can build to (and upgrade), is beyond me, but I always have to qualify this sentiment by adding that I am Read more

6/15/21 12:17PM

See, that’s where she fucked up, messing around with Amadeus and whatnot when all the real future govs were honing their chops in Predator.  

6/14/21 2:34PM

Honestly, on their current trajectory, I fully expect Republicans (both pols and voters) to complete their devolution to Morlocks within 10 years, 15 tops.