Oct 29

I was about to say the rear looks like the Macan but it could be both considering they definitely stole the rear from somewhere in VW/Audi land.

Oct 26

I know these games got....eh over time. And some of that initial atmosphere and creep factor faded but the original F.E.A.R. game was scary. Specifically two scenes come to mind, one being this.

Sep 26

If/when this happens, I hope those folks throw a fit at Ford and Ford grows some balls and screws the dealer’s allocation.

I’d be pissed if I put a reservation down for a car, waiting a while, then was handed a mark up beyond MSRP.

Sep 24

Seating 7 and interesting/unique is a little tough. My best vote is a used Audi Q7. Looks like 18/19 models can be had on budget, or can stretch a little for uptrims or newer year.

I had one as a rental through Silvercar and really liked it. Comfortable, reasonably fast, and nice to look at.

Sep 17

Yea I recall test driving a C30 and immediately hated the manual.

Sep 10

Thank you. And I agree, I stopped visiting Gizmodo for the same reason.

Jun 19

Is this basically going to be a slower but nicer Ford Flex?

Apr 21

I hate the light grey accent trims Audi is using on their exterior recently. The RS3 is an example of that and this new A3 is now the same. I don’t need everything blacked out but prefer something closer to body color.

Apr 13

It’s a great thing. Except it can’t handle the demand and I can’t sit around spamming refresh all day hoping a slot opens up.

I do truly hope they can scale fast enough but until then, my family has designated one person (me) to be the runner for multiple families to get groceries. I’m their Instacart because we can’t Read more

Apr 10

Yea, that crossed my mind too. Performance is still really good.

Apr 9

You could swap the S8 for an S6 and be under budget.

Apr 8

I live right next to an east/west highway with 3 lanes each way. Definitely heard the street racing crews out and about. Not safe on this particular stretch of road but also fun to hear the exhaust and guess the car/engine. Heard a Mustang and a Subbie going at it last night.

Apr 3

This is actually how it works for me at work where we use Zoom. I have to admit every single person into my meetings, regardless of the type of link/meeting I set up. This should be turned on by default.

Apr 2

Correct, apologies. They get compared to Navy Fed and Pen Fed a lot I forget they aren’t in the same class.

Apr 1

A lot of people don’t use a decent credit union (hell, even USAA doesn’t have great rates all the time) and also don’t have tier 1 credit. Getting stuck somewhere in the middle with these inflated rates. Pushing them into longer terms (which carry higher rates). With higher car prices, thus pushing longer terms, less Read more

Mar 27

Drove a 2018 (I think) PP as a rental for a week through Silvercar (I have an A4). Pretty spot on. Long, big highways it does great. But it feels and drives big. Cargo space was decent but not massive with the third row down. Read more