Oct 19

Bad take, Reese’s are the tits. I hope you stub your toe every day for the rest of your life.

Oct 13

Well there goes a potentially useful article I won’t read because slideshow.

Oct 8

I picked up an 86 Olds Cutlass for $200 right after college.  The motor went shortly after the oil pump went.  Dropped a bored out 350 into it, headers, dual exhaust, Camaro trans and it even came with a posi rear.  Ugly, but fun as hell.  Total cost was under like $750 when I was done and it got me around for a few Read more

Sep 24

All of the suggestions are bad and the people who made them should feel bad for suggesting them.

Sep 10

Thank you. And I agree, I stopped visiting Gizmodo for the same reason.

Jun 25

literally any truck you like, and a cargo trailer. Putting a mower in the bed of a pickup truck is a drag.

Apr 29

I downloaded the F2P battle royale mode on my PS4, and it was 100 gigs. Obviously, I’d downloaded the entire game, the vast majority of which I had no intention of ever playing. I just deleted it yesterday to make room for a few things, but goddamn. Such an egregious abuse of hard drive space.

Apr 21

My theory is they are doing it so they can boost margins by pushing more people to the black optics package (which I’m sure will eliminate the light grey/silver).

Apr 10

Definitely a solid suggestion. Just don’t test drive an S8 and an S6, or you’ll get the S8. The S6 motor would be ultra low maintenance though for sure. I’ve driven a stage 2 w/ 6-speed manual and that thing was batshit.

Apr 9

This. Get the S6, do a Stage 2 tune and basic mods, and you’ll be golden. I believe I saw a recent 2013 Stage 2 S6 on Audizine for $44k, with most mods done and with almost all options except for B&O sound.

Apr 3

Zoom has a waiting room feature. It seems like participants cannot simply enter the meeting when this feature is on, they have to be allowed in by the host. . Might be a lot of work for a 100 student college lecture but for a 20 student elementary school class pretty easy.
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Apr 2

I’m a huge fan of credit unions. About a year ago, I purchased a new vehicle from a dealership. Beat them up pretty good over the price. I had already contacted a credit union that would give me 2.49% on the loan as I have a credit score in the 800 range. When I told the dealership, they said the only way they could Read more

Apr 1

5.8%.... the fuck? As it is im hoping to pay mine off sometime next year at best. (its a 2018 i got at the end of feb so it just turned two years old).  Im only at 2.44% interest as well (<3 navy federal). 

Mar 27

Same experience with Vroom. Pretty bad. I still don’t support dealerships though.. the Tesla model (a few showrooms to see a basic product, but the MSRP is the MSRP and you order it online) is where it’s at.