Monday 9:45AM

Your great-grandfather’s bones have become organic matter in the soil,”

Not if great-grandpa was embalmed and buried in a lined casket as so many are today.

6/08/21 4:19PM

I mean, yeah, but this is an issue now too for some things like car keys already. But realistically, for at least the near future, who isn’t going to have a printed copy of their driver license available somewhere or a physical key for their car?

For the wallet part, I’ve found that memorizing at least one credit card Read more

6/03/21 7:05PM

It’s been an embarrassing week for the Trumps. First the failure of the One Term Loser’s own website and now his son faces the humiliation of being forced to shill his face with other D-level celebrities on Cameo.

5/26/21 11:15AM

You Gizmodo guys know there’s a difference between “will acquire” and “have acquired”, right? Read more

5/21/21 5:25PM

For some reason, I read that as “freak wedding accident” and had quite the Game of Thrones kind of scene going on in my head. 

5/21/21 12:50PM

But let’s say you’re willing to invest. Peloton or SoulCycle is going to get you the better content, and at the end of the day, that’s what this whole at-home on-demand fitness craze is about.”

......or, y’know, ride a regular bicycle in the actual outdoors.  

5/19/21 2:46PM

54% is actually about as good as some flu shots are to the general population.  

4/28/21 9:23AM

2 things we didn’t know how to do on Chromebooks and 10 things that pretty much everybody who owns a Chromebook knows how to do.

4/21/21 5:31PM

Need to make those vaccine cards much harder to fake though.  They are laugh out loud all too easy, especially that NY Excelsior pass.  What a joke.

4/20/21 2:12PM

B-b-b-b-ut I thought Trump totally fixed coal! It came back big during his term, right?

4/19/21 8:03AM

Where can the average apartment dweller charge their car overnight? Serious question. Not everyone has a garage. Heck, even people with garages can’t always park all of their cars there.   If my kids come to visit overnight, we have 4 in the driveway, one in the garage (if we’re lucky enough to spare the room). 

4/19/21 8:01AM

Here’s the thing. They have to come down in price to where they are cheaper to purchase than their gas-powered analogs.    Human beings don’t look at ROI, they look at sticker prices.   

4/09/21 1:52PM

It’s the “myriad of other messenger apps” that negates the usefulness of messaging. Read more