5/28/21 3:44PM

I keep getting confused do the republicans like the free market or do they hate it?

5/24/21 12:13PM

Let’s just sink the entirety of the OC into the ocean already.

5/24/21 11:28AM

Tiktok is for teenagers that weren’t old enough to use Vine when that was a thing. Like you said, it was at one time, but it’s now just evolved into a weird mix of Snapchat and Instagram... aka, what Instagram was 5 years ago when they bought Vine. What’s old is new. Read more

5/19/21 1:59PM

If you read the article, it does say they already knew that, but didn’t know how effective (or ineffective) the vaccines might be, and now we are getting some actual numbers. I’m actually surprised it’s as high as 54% so I was pleasantly surprised to see that (2 members of my family have organ transplants). Hopefully Read more

5/19/21 1:37PM

Yeah, “duh” was my reaction too. I clicked on article thinking there might be other groups of people.

5/19/21 1:22PM

You’re trying to tell me people who are immunocompromised or on immunosuppressants don’t respond well a vaccine designed to teach and prime the immune system to do things? QUELLE SURPRISE!

5/17/21 1:50PM

That is probably a very small factor given that hospitalizations and deaths have declined in this same time period—can’t exactly fool doctors into thinking your pneumonia is from pollen rather than a confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection.

5/12/21 4:43PM

Cheaper and BETTER. Despite Apple’s marketing and disinformation campaign they still weren’t even #2 in sound quality which was the only category they were moderately successful at.

5/12/21 4:37PM

I bought 2 firesaled google home maxes. They’ve got nice utility thanks to that 3.5mm jack, they’re still supported by google fully, and they were slashed to a fraction of their initial cost. Oh yeah, and you can stream apple music on them. Read more

4/21/21 2:55PM

The American Academy of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommended all pregnant women receive the vaccine as early in their pregnancy as possible. If your wife’s “doctor” is telling her the opposite, she should run to a second opinion.

4/21/21 2:36PM

100% this. Make it so inconvenient for them to go unvaccinated that they practically have no choice unless they never want to be able to go anywhere or do anything significant. Travel, theme parks, schools, employers, etc. Limit access to all of that, and these idiots will have to get their damn shots.

4/21/21 2:24PM

just goes to show this country will never win another world war. Our citizens are just too selfish. Imagine asking our current populous to sacrifice as they had to do between 1941-45. Huge Draft, with all sorts of rationing of food and products for YEARS. Hell today citizens are too selfish to sit on a couch all day Read more

4/16/21 11:48PM

In general, they will lose points for having center screens in landscape mode, especially if they stick up above the dash, and more points if they have every driver safety/assist feature standard. Also, I’m not buying a crossover or SUV. Won’t buy the SUV because I’d get more utility out of a mid-sized truck. I’ve Read more