Sep 1 2017

So they went on this Jeremiad against Ezekiel in order to throw The Book at him?

May 13 2017

She always thinks other drivers wreck her on purpose.

Feb 3 2016

A deeply mediocre team quarterbacked by Nick Foles isn’t exactly a big draw for the citizens of Los Angeles Read more

Apr 24 2015

Reason #1 why the DH rule is terrible: Every fat fuck should be forced to play the field.

Apr 24 2015

Reason #1 why the DH rule in the American League is ridiculous. Pitchers can get away with this crap without ever having to face retaliation. Read more

Mar 18 2015

The perpetual shittyness of the Knicks must have been a calming force in this new topsy-turvy world, I would imagine.

Mar 7 2015

Involved in a relegation battle, this was no time Toulouse.

Feb 10 2015

"I will fly my ass over there and bust heads myself. You think I can't? You see that rocket out there? I can be there in 2 hours. Don't talk to me about the leads I'm giving you. I've got guys in Europe, all over the US closing deals left and right. Leads, shit. PUT THE COFFEE DOWN. " Read more

Dec 22 2014

you win. That is the most schmuck I have seen today. Terrible car and a terrible hat.