7/15/18 1:29PM

I regret asking. I’ve now had what seems like 20 people all responding the same answer.

7/13/18 6:18PM

The world has gone so full-goose bozo I don’t know what’s a joke and what’s not anymore.  I just stopped trying to figure it out.

7/13/18 12:11PM

I mean, really, why do people still waste their time replying to comments like this? Am I misinterpreting this or is it just another tired “Duuuhhhhrrr what does a story about [insert car-related topic] have to do with carrrrs” comment?

7/13/18 7:08AM

Good argument, with the exception of using multiples of the letters “d”, “e” & “s”. Unless you meant it to be pronounced “mooooooooooh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-eeeeeeeeeeeee-ssssssss”.

7/12/18 10:11PM

Because the cars you love are all built by human beings who want to be treated with dignity and properly compensated for their work? Read more

7/12/18 9:52PM

With the way the economy is, especially in N. California, I’d be surprised if people are voluntarily working in subprime conditions for Tesla. The fact that he’s currently sticking to CA makes me think that his argument is legit. Then again, he could tranquilize angry unionizers and sneak them away to the depths of Read more

7/12/18 9:50PM

Everyone should care about workers rights.

7/12/18 9:09PM

He’d “allow them” to unionize. Ah, that’s so cute.

3/21/18 4:52PM

But what do you do when the person is pronouncing their own name incorrectly? Do you have to go along with it? I don’t care how good you are at football, if you want your name to Brett Farve, then go to the courthouse and change your name to Brett Farve. The name you were given is Favre, and it is pronounced Favre. Read more

3/21/18 4:40PM

Raphael pronounces Alpha Romeo the way the company prefers instead of like an American.

3/21/18 3:51PM

This. So much this. If it wasn’t a human beings namesake it might be different, but it is a name.
It would be the equivalent of me calling Kristen Lee “Kirsten” all of the time. Or Torchinsky “Torchenstein”
Or David Tracy “rust-free”