7/13/18 5:15PM

The UAW has, indeed, not always been a good partner for the auto industry. But to take those failings (which, in reality are far less than their accomplishments for workers) and say, “see! All unions are bad, go bust ‘em Elon!” is pretty disingenuous and/or ahistorical. 

7/13/18 5:11PM

Hey, sorry. It’s a reference to Van Halen’s infamous concert rider. Except I screwed it up and it was about *brown* M&Ms. Read more

7/13/18 5:09PM

There’s probably that stuff and a lot more in play with that decision (hello, Trump tariffs!).

7/13/18 5:08PM

There’s been quite a bit of reporting around the issue of worker safety and morale, and Elon’s response has been to deflect or attack the journalists, which is ... not confidence inspiring. Read more

7/12/18 9:58PM

Interesting point. And, yeah, I don't think it's impossible he's in the right here, but I don't think we should dismiss it out of hand either. 

6/04/18 10:36AM

So I’ve been thinking of doing something similar with my car. Are you going to have someone clear coat over top of it?

4/13/18 5:26PM

I’m in the hospital with my son (who was born yesterday), and an amazing thing happened right after I got here.

3/21/18 5:08PM

My first name is Ian, so I’m uniquely qualified to answer this. As much as I have that asshole from 90210 for telling everyone the incorrect pronunciation of our shared name, you defer to the person. It just seems like pretty common courtesy to let people define their own identity, and your name is pretty central to Read more

3/21/18 3:00PM

Well, I can’t say you have good taste, but I can say what everyone in 2018 dreads hearing: I have a podcast. Read more

3/21/18 2:47PM

It’s a real person’s name! If it were just some random German word, you’d have every right to go nuts, but it’s not. You’re mispronouncing a real person’s name. Read more

4/04/17 6:36PM

That’s not entirely true - California has an exemption that allows them to enforce stricter laws than the federal standard. This is via the Clean Air Act, so he’d need Congress to help roll that back, but there is federal involvement. Read more