Team Cat HQ

Thanks:) everything is fine, I just seem to have lost my appetite for commenting.

We have been busy with secret ops (massive hairball).

Before anyone gets any ideas this has absolutely nothing to do with “Operation Hulk Cat”......nothing.

Hoooo, yeah the Chet issue. Chet has been an HR nightmare from day one. Hiro, great guy, love him, but his over sensitivity coupled with Chet’s uncanny ability to exploit his weaker co-workers has been a bit of an internal powder keg. Everyone kind of knew it would happen sooner or later.

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Sometimes we just like to show off, it’s good for moral.

Maybe, but you gotta respect our honesty.

Great climbing there champ. You made it like one fifth of the way up that tree.

Do you have a working cattop with at least 500 giganibbles of catram?

Yes, the second thing. Givit

Yeah Kittyland would have been great but Ricky and Julian kept fakin it up.

It’s probably in your best interest to keep these incredibly outrageous, totally implausible conspiracy theories to yourself. Because they are in no way accurate and not actually true, at all.