Tam Honks
4/07/20 3:43PM

Immediately I went to this. We’re living in a parody of reality!

1/28/20 5:11PM

And here I thought this was an article on the rental availability of Orange County 20 somethings.
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1/02/20 5:55PM

There are no UFOs. We have a president who is constitutionally incapable of keeping his mouth shut. If there were UFOs, Trump would have tweeted about it within the first 30 days of taking office.

12/30/19 4:21PM

Yennefer’s transformation is just one of several media performances wherein a disabled person is magically cured to promote the idea that normality equals physically abled. Read more

12/07/19 6:35PM

I bet you think publicly funded sports stadiums are good for cities too.

12/07/19 5:08PM

Jobs? I take it you’re not familiar with Amazon’s work conditions and their handling. It’s only a matter of time when the conditions people are enduring as workers is hand-waved away from the prospect of “bringing jobs”.
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11/11/19 12:40PM

Star Wars Fans, 1999-2014: The prequels are garbage! Give us something more like the classic movies!

9/23/19 4:00PM

You... You’re just wrong about the pollution levels. Even a quick search will show how much better the air in southern California has gotten since they increased their standards.

L.A. especially has this weird effect to to the nature of it being a valley. Where pollution just goes into the sky and stays. So everywhere

9/18/19 10:29AM

I’m more impressed that they were able to get that giant piece of equipment down that tiny road between those houses.

8/01/19 11:34PM

This obsession with Hilary is the longest Trump has ever been faithful to one woman.

7/19/19 4:38PM

Come on, this is just a cut-n-paste of my HOAs bylaws.

6/14/19 6:55PM

You have basically described how the Frozen Synapse series works.