Tam Honks
12/23/19 8:27PM

That scene where the Law of Surprise backfires and Geralt just says “Fuck” was amazing and deserved it’s own place in this list.

11/04/19 11:45PM

Some (stupid) people keep arguing there’s not really any evidence of climate change but it really is true that California has been a perfect case example of it over the last few decades. I didn’t even live near any reservoirs and I recall feeling more than once that the multiple days of heavy rain were the coming of Read more

9/28/19 11:18AM

Can you show us in the doll where dark mode touched you? Because then I would understand why you’re being contrarian about something like this.

9/17/19 10:04PM

Would it crush a human to a pulp if they were flying it remotely?

8/17/19 3:36PM

God forbid it actually happens, but if Trump gets reelected, what is he going to do all the time when can’t campaign for himself anymore?

8/09/19 3:18PM

I’m pretty sure that's not how you make steamed clams.

8/04/19 3:54PM

I’m not surprised. A lot of people can’t comprehend they might be the cause of something bad, so they find a scapegoat. Honesty with oneself would take actual character, and the majority of the current conservative politicians are spineless bootlickers.

6/18/19 11:36PM

It would be hilarious if this was from tainted cheeseburgers. 

6/05/19 4:23PM

This is a factual fruit finger-fucking fracas over flagrant female fradulence and forgery. Fantastically frustrating.

6/03/19 11:01PM

Edit: medical field internationally. This is what I get for using my phone to do kinja. 

6/03/19 11:57AM

Having not been exposed to the medical field intentionally, I can’t say for sure if it’s specifically American, but it is a thing in America. It’s not something you’ll hear everywhere, and it does seem to be changing gradually, but it’s a historical problem that’s taking it’s time moving entirely in to the history Read more

6/02/19 3:44PM

This kind of thing is super frustrating to me. I think a lot of it is a classical medical perspective problem: everything must be categorized, and things are either healthy/functional or unhealthy/dysfunctional. Women have different things and are therefore are dysfunctional, because the medical model does not Read more

5/30/19 1:44PM

The website does not have free samples, pizza, or the cheapest gas station in town. Why would I go there?

5/16/19 3:59PM

That pattern is logical sounding to me, and I don’t think it is contrary to what I said. My point was more about there having to be some essential preexisting factors for an eating disorder to come into existence in the first place. It sounds like in your case those factors still exist, which is why anytime you start Read more