Nov 12 2019

I’m glad he pulled over. It’s very dangerous to have a high speed chaise in an area with so many pedestrians. 

Oct 6 2019

The dude didn’t tighten his manifold rivets. It probably popped a warning on his laptop, but he kept going.  Seen it a thousand times....

Sep 28 2019

Just ran into my garage to fix this and to my bewilderment realized that I don't own a porsche.

Sep 25 2019

I know you are much faster than your co driver though...... It must be that majestic beard that gives you the extra speed

Jul 1 2019

I don’t think this was a good way for Koenigsegg to correct the record. They should have tweeted, “Quick jump on this One:1 before Bonham’s figures out how much it’s really worth”... which would have alerted Koenigsegg’s Saudi clientele, that follow their Twitter page, this auction is coming up and they need to bid Read more

Mar 7 2019

037 is great. Stratos is the great. I made my choice a long time ago though! The one below is mine.

Mar 7 2019

I am an even Oldertimer than the Stratos. The granddaddy that won Lancias first World Championship is parked in my garage, after all.

Mar 7 2019

I’m a Stratos but I feel more like an Aurelia B20GT...

Mar 7 2019

Sorry Bradley, I have to disagree

Jan 30 2019

Best move? Own it. Roll with it. She should sponsor a popular brand of portable grill, kick in endorsements, the whole shebang, a la George Foreman. Call it “Ariana Grillde” or something just as silly. Watch it sell like hotcakes.