Saturday 5:30PM

This sounds like a classic case of an “Inverse Tracy”: You buy something thinking it’s in good shape only to discover it has problems. As in the opposite of gravitating toward the trash buckets like someone else. Read more

Saturday 4:58PM

For some reason, reading your comment made me think of Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang. 

6/11/21 4:21PM

Seeing this spillway several times as a child inspired me to never get within sight of a damn from upstream.

Damn, gives me the heebie geebies even now.

edit: I don’t remember the cage being a thing then, it was 40 odd years ago, and the thing is a remote corner of Oregon.

6/08/21 4:06PM

A timid confession: I love almost all foods, and I’ve never been able to stomach meatloaf. I just don’t see the appeal. To me it’s always the equivalent of taking something good (beef) and making it worse in both texture and flavor. I don’t like it. Read more

6/08/21 8:00AM

It’s funny to me, seeing some of the responses like this one. Popcorn is one of the few things I never put in the microwave. Granted, everything else is either just reheating leftovers or refreshing a bagel or croissant, but never popcorn. It just comes out so much better on stovetop with minimal effort that I can’t Read more

6/07/21 11:33PM

yeah. it’s really surreal when you ride across a state in half a day.. it makes the world seem a whole lot smaller.... I actually did nevada and back.. which was something like 460 miles and 20k feet iirc... in 30 hours or so.... im thinking about riding to yosemite and back this weekend... it should take 24 hours. Read more

6/07/21 8:58PM

I remember seeing these on TNN way back in the day, and it’s stuck in my mind ever since 

6/07/21 5:47PM

You can actually make a passable Chex Mix style snack in the microwave. It’s especially good if you only want a small batch for snacking. I know it seems like it would be a soggy mess, but it turns out quite crispy. I use Chex or other crispy cereal I have on hand, pretzels, some kind of snack cracker, any kind of Read more

6/07/21 5:28PM

When you spend 10K on a bicycle, it’s no longer a passion, it’s an obsession. And not a healthy one.

6/07/21 4:37PM

True that. My bike MSRP was $2800 and non-bikers don’t believe me when I say it was the cheapest high-end bike you could get from Felt at the time.

6/04/21 5:41PM

We have clearly entered the “piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining” phase of LEO reform.