Yesterday 9:27PM

Whats up with the lede image? theres a black dot on it.

Saturday 10:03PM

I actually found this.aitocorrect is still fucked. it has been an issue for years. i was followed across the board, but jez shadow banned me at some point. and that was my favorite sub. that was was rebecca rose days...why do any of us stay around?

Saturday 9:06PM

Kinja is so fucking broken I can't find the comment you liked or any reply. Also all auto correction is not working.

Saturday 8:59PM

Yup. And kinja shit the bed, so it took me way too long to find out what you replied to.

Saturday 7:14PM

I think a duii is closer to a bad judgement call. They should be based on behavior, like how fucked you were and what you did vs something small like listening to the radio when you're going to pass out in your car.

Saturday 7:10PM

If we can't have basic shit like firearms laws, abortion laws, healthcare...who has time for cars?

Saturday 7:06PM

I mean okay. Florida has so many old people it should have made some difference I would hope. Then again.

Saturday 6:18PM

Double ouch. I'd be more worried about the house. That's not a list of cheap repairs.

Saturday 6:10PM

The only motorsport I really enjoyed in person was Top Fuel drag racing. You can see the whole thing and it makes sense.

Saturday 12:40AM

Christ. That looks bad. Like all the way bad. If you got a bunch of highschool kids to make an agressive truck it would be friendlier.

Thursday 9:02PM

How the fuck does it work? I would tip it toward me.

6/16/21 9:30PM

I'm a smoker. But I've never smoked in a rental car/work car/hotel room. And haven't had any problems. Hopefully it stays that way.

6/16/21 6:58PM

yeah. then it would have less gasoline in it too.

6/13/21 9:40PM

If it's not super expensive I'll totally put an Xbox fridge in the office.

6/12/21 10:59PM

Exactly. Would have been a good baseline.

6/09/21 11:09AM

I have an orange mini Cooper hotwheels in my miata. Been there about 2 years. It's there because I saw the same mini and was hoping to do exactly what this guy did.