Apr 10 2019

I read ‘spunky’ as ‘spackle-y’ which works too.

Apr 10 2019

I feel so old. I got one highlighter from Birchbox and chucked the thing into a box.

Feb 6 2019

Marlee Marlin has always been a fabulous human. I'm a little disappointed that Stone is wearing a salon cape and not some Nosferatu/villain cape that swoops around him as he makes his exit.

Sep 24 2018

Me too. And Laura Knoblach. Boulder had great happy hours.

Sep 23 2018

I worked with Debbie at a domestic violence shelter (specifically the admin & counseling office). This story captured her so well; she's very thoughtful and reserved, she's really kind and a wonderful ally. We were friendly and would grab happy hour sometimes. I'm heartbroken about the fact that she needed to come Read more

May 18 2018

Adding to my annoyance about that is his defenders who are saying, “ we shouldn’t make fun of him for asking questions or trying to learn.” He has entire agencies at his disposal but refuses briefings and won’t read a damn word because he thinks he knows everything.

Apr 24 2018

I’m contemplating a move to Memphis but then I read things like this and think “newp.” It’s disheartening.

Apr 4 2018

I’ve done stupid things while drinking but I have never tried to set someone on fire. Maybe I’m doing mischief wrong.

Mar 23 2018

I’ve been away from Boise for 13 years so I have very little first-hand experience with Labrador. But I’m guessing he’s been involved with the anti- science push. Read more

Mar 23 2018

Butch Otter has always been an opportunistic jackass. He’s awful. Adding Jim Risch to the horrible Idaho politicians making news today (Cecil Andrus was the only decent politician Idaho had and that was decades ago). That’s why I can never move back to Idaho.

Mar 10 2018

I cannot recommend it enough, everyone should read it. My friend was on a board with Gavin de Becker, I found it fascinating.

Jan 19 2018

I’m definitely picking up wine on my way home tonight, let me know if ya’ll need booze while I’m there. It’s either that or a head desk into unconsciousness.

Jan 16 2018

Propecia is also strongly linked to erectile dysfunction, with sometimes permanent impairment so....

Jan 10 2018

Wow. I hope he took a safety class for the gun because he’s totally the guy who shoots himself in the leg (or higher up) while showing it off.

Sep 7 2017

I would genuinely cry and immediately drink a bottle of wine if they ever split.

Sep 1 2017

But neither is he, really. Rudimentary communication skills at best.

Sep 1 2017

I really wish they sold jars of enchilada sauce like they do for salsa.

Aug 30 2017

My cat is the sweetest thing ever and somehow he managed to text, “Satan’s 17" to my mother last night. I have no idea how that happened.

Aug 22 2017

A prime example of why I’ll never move back to Idaho. So many people I would want to stab in the neck with a salad fork.