Mar 19 2019

I still maintain that if he just got a little too close to a semi-large candle he would melt and at least a few of our problems would be solved.

Mar 15 2019

“...his honesty” Please stop confusing “honesty” with “he’s willing to say the racist things out loud that I am too chickenshit to say out loud myself’. Read more

Mar 15 2019

“...his honesty” Please stop confusing “honesty” with “he’s willing to say the racist things out loud that I am too chickenshit to say out loud myself’.

Mar 6 2019

I don’t know... I think this safely belongs in the “She Deserves This” category. She should have a sham casserole recipe to go along with her sham marriage/job/principles. These are her people and this is how they treat women.

Mar 6 2019

I don’t fault her for not cooking, but getting tripped up on a question about a favorite family meal seems really sad. Surely She knows what Barron likes to eat.

Mar 3 2019

I blame anti-vaxxers, to be honest. There have been some high profile cases of people on planes or buses who turned out to have measles. Including a French family quarantined in Costa Rica over it and a NYC-Boston bus docking in Boston’s South Station. And a skin rash is a symptom of measles. Read more

Feb 27 2019

I am not a 100% all in AOC person (still on the fence, she’s not in my state), but I would like to say her time today during questioning was a clinic in how to question a witness. Concise, clear, forcing unambiguous answers.  No grandstanding about random shit.  She executed on the reason they were at that hearing.  

Feb 27 2019

Donald Trump is so fucking weird in so many ways. Today’s is that he simultaneously idolizes the military and couldn’t be prouder that he didn’t serve. Utterly bizarre.

Feb 26 2019

That’s how I took it. Jennifer never has anything nice to say about Bradley Cooper

Feb 26 2019

So money that you work for is a handout...and earning more money won’t help with upward mobility...and in our hearts we want low paying jobs because they’ll help us soar to the top of the economic ladder... Somewhere a logician is screaming

Feb 26 2019

When I got a new job, going from $11 an hour to $28 an hour, the first thing I told my new employer was “hey, can you lower me back to $11 an hour? Because, you know, I want to feel like I’m working for what I get.” Read more

Feb 19 2019

All the media spaces I’m in have been full of knowing comments and people who only know Ryan Adams as the guy who did that 1989 cover album. I feel like I must have missed a turn or two, because I’ve always really enjoyed his music; “When the Stars Go Blue” was my and my first serious boyfriend’s song. I’m struggling Read more

Feb 15 2019

It’s ironic that the more plastic surgery people get, the older it makes them look. 

Feb 6 2019

Klobuchar has done pretty awesome in the Senate, and seeing as we have a Democratic governor, we’d hypothetically keep the Senate seat. Read more