Oct 16

I wasn’t massive on this one either, for a lot of the stated reasons and some others. It really could have been safely half the length it was (we see the cliffhanger of Viola grabbing Dani no less than three times in two episodes! I get it’s a good scare, but c’mon, really?!). The basic explanation of Viola’s gravity Read more

Jun 17

Given Tesla’s quality control issues, I’m assuming this was merely an opportunity for Musk to disappoint two women at once.

May 31

They also flipped and burned his car, leaving his ass to walk home.

Mar 10

As a Latina, believe me, this shit MATTERS. If you are light, you are right. I had a friend who is pale white. I learned from my best friend that his mom was born to Puerto Rican parents, but she always identified as white. And she easily passes as any suburban white woman who voted for the current president. Read more

Feb 8 2020

I just read that all debates after this require a polling threshold and a delegate requirement, so that rules out Steyer and Yang, the two whose inclusion I was criticizing earlier. Thank god.

Feb 8 2020

Warren’s core issue is that she’s got Bernie Sanders’ rock on one side and Biden/Buttigieg/Klobuchar/Bloomberg’s hard place on the other. She’s occupying the narrow space between the left and the center, and right now the center is frantically casting about for anyone that isn’t to the left and the left hasn’t figured Read more

Feb 4 2020

They really think she inspired every woman who ran post-2016. I’m sure some of them did, but it was largely in response to her failure and a complete monster taking the White House. Not to mention a swell of youthful progressive support from Justice Democrats. 

Feb 4 2020

Yeah, I can’t help but think that, look, Hillary Clinton did some great things in her time in public life. Not least of which was hoovering up an absolute crapload of fire from the right that might have been spread at lots of other women public figures. We all, even privileged white male gits like me, owe Hillary Read more

Jan 20 2020

Yes it wraps up the story of Xehanort. I found the gameplay far less nuanced than that of the previous games. It combines every battle mechanic from the entire series (except for cards), and as a result is much more button mashy than previous entries.

Jan 19 2020

Eh, KH3 doesn’t help with the story either apparently. It’s so rushed that the plot points were kept in the back of the line for most of the game. When it does come: Fanservice reunion~

Jan 19 2020

I rushed through all of Kingdom hearts in a couple of months, to be ready for KH3 and by the time I got halfway through, I was so sick of KH’s mess of a story and the constant introduction of Sorah, Donald, and Goofy, I May never finish the game. Wish I had just skipped the middle bits and played the new one free of Read more

Dec 23 2019

The answer to all of these questions is: “there is no answer.” Even if George never had all the answers himself, at least he was good at faking it. This movie just proves to me what I’ve known since Star Trek: Abrams doesn’t care about world building or precedent. He cares only for “rule of cool” (his definition of Read more

Dec 15 2019

I still want a series with Ahsoka and Sabine exploring the edge of the Galaxy looking for Ezra and Thrawn.