Superbad Zombie
Oct 22 2019

I’m not a fan of the Pats or Trump, at all, but saying there should be a conversation about “wiping his entire legacy blank” because of the man’s political affiliations is just kind of an extremely silly thing to say. Shit like that is what the Donald and co use to discredit any actual discourse because otherwise the Read more

Jun 29 2019

I lost my mom to suicide a week ago. She was a brilliant, wonderful, and frustrating person. She was a doctor who saved thousands of lives, but she couldn’t save her own — she struggled with mental illness for a long time, and tried literally every treatment she could. Ultimately, she lost the battle. I’m most worried Read more

May 29 2019

Can anyone clarify who I’m supposed to hate because of their association with Barstool? I read The Ringer, but Mark Titus goes on Pardon My Take. I like Rachel Nichols and The Jump, but she goes on Pardon My Take. Can I watch Desus and Mero even though they had dinner with PFT? Can I read this website, which has Read more

May 24 2019

they tried to track where the lsd came from, but they ended up tracking gentrification instead. 

May 5 2019

I’m surprised by Trump’s interpretation on this. The darker horse won, but then after an appeal on technical grounds, the judicial system declared the lighter colored horse - far less qualified according to oddsmakers - the winner. You’d think Trump would be on board.

Apr 28 2019

it’s boston’s year, y’all - sox & pats already won their trophies, just waiting for celts & bruins to complete the set!

Apr 20 2019

So, why exactly am I supposed to think Embiid is some lovable goof? Because he seems like a dick. Read more

Apr 19 2019

This is how I stay effective at work too. Run around real fast so nobody can catch me, use the boss for a screen, put in an extremely efficient 34 minutes. JJ is my role model.

Apr 18 2019

So the two best sluggers on Earth can’t get a major league spot?

Apr 15 2019

Imagine saying something so confidently and being so wrong.  You should head to a muni course on the weekend some time.

Apr 12 2019

I’m at the NBC studio store in New York. It’s maybe 1999? My favorite cousin was a HUGE Friends fan. I barely know Friends myself (I didn’t even own a TV at the time, because of being poor). So I went there to buy her some merch. I chose this giant Friends Central Perk latte mug. Seemed like a fun gift!

I’m leaving the Read more

Apr 12 2019

Ooh this is my best friend’s story but he gave permission to relay. As a young gay NYU college freshman he discovered nightlife like ya do, and one night he is outside a bar smoking when suddenly he notices John Mayer walking towards him. Being a drunk idiot, my friend points at him as obviously as he can and tells Read more

Apr 3 2019

Listen, I was 9 when the Tim Burton Batman came out too, but I try not to let it back me into bonkers takes like “Jack Nicolson was a better Joker than Heath Ledger.

Mar 28 2019

The Celtics front office went to great lengths to emphasize that the New England accent naturally prohibits the hard r.