Superbad Zombie
May 14 2019

I want to see a Cooke Maroney and a Cash Warren buddy cop movie titled "Cooke & Cash"

May 9 2019

Celtics did a fine job of dominating the Bucks in Game 1. The way they fell apart for the next 4 games is beyond embarrassing. I'll be interested to see what moves they make in the offseason to counteract this hot mess.

Apr 22 2019

From what I understand, Beyonce negotiated to own the rights of her Coachella performance and has also turned that into a documentary on Netflix. I think she also netted a $60 million Netflix deal with 2 more projects on the way. So it may seem like Ariana made a better deal, but the reality is somewhat different.

Sep 23 2018

Super false. His Lavar Ball skits are some of the highlights of the year for me. Very well done impressions

Aug 27 2018

G-Sleazy must be out on bail or something. There's no way he should be walking the streets with all those recent arrests, like TF?