The Thugnificent Pangaean

This is a great idea, though not necessarily for death only. Read more

I’m running around looking for my phone. 9-1-1 is being called, I see this girl recording me, so I grabbed it. But then I gave it back 5 minutes later.” Read more

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L&H ATL is a trash collab, and spending more than two minutes analyzing a prearranged dust-up between two hot heads is like digging thru the trash to fill a slow news day.

*reads the grays for the refreshing, delicious tears of an bitter racist*
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“There’s no human on this planet that doesn’t deserve to have the best life and to be happy and free because you are made in the image of the good Lord, made perfectly just the way you are,” Manning said. Read more

The Bob Jones integration was 50 something years ago, and the two most popular GOP contenders, Trump and Reagan were dog-whistling racists. Throw a donation/cover a congregation’s bills and give their church some exposure, and too many pastors will roll over.

I really enjoy opening the comments and finding bitter incels insulting the Williams sisters and implying Black people don’t like prayer or God in general. Read more

If any of those whyte ppl had pulled out a gun, that brawl would have spiraled out of control. The brawl is a feel-good black swan event; I would not risk my personal safety on the chances of something like that happening without serious escalation. Read more

‘No.’ And he picked up a brick, in front of so many men, and was like, ‘What are you going to do?’” To be clear, this isn’t about blaming Black men for a Black woman being attacked. Read more

“I am profusely sorry for what happened to you that day,” Read more

I’m sure an award winning singer does not have worrying about the opinions of a bitter, son-of-a-methhead incel on her to-do list. Read more

I have almost no opinion on Meghan Markle’s career, but I strive and fight every day to enjoy the anger and hatred she inspires in bitter racists - you know - like the angry, resident incel down in the grays. Read more

Uh oh! We got the bitter Russian-German guy in the grays making excuses for the shooter who was killing folks in Jacksonville right after calling them the n-word! Read more

Congrats on seeing the concert. I pray you enjoyed it. Read more

Ever notice how the vigilant, iron-hearted race warriors never choose to shoot up a corner-side drug dealer or a parking lot fight outside of a club? The brave defenders of the white race never shoot convicted felons right before they go to prison? Read more

Uh oh! The first person to comment on MLK is a bitter grayed-out incel who likes to degrade civil rights heroes who were assassinated by white supremacists. Read more