Stochastic Fats
Mar 21 2018

It’s black culture, but stolen and made way more bland.

Feb 11 2018

The Celts are the same as the 13/14 Pacers. Great defensively with a top defensive coach. Came out of the gates on fire with playoff intensity. By mid season they started to regress a little. Eventually LeBron’s Heat caught the Pacers and were simply too much. The same will happen with the Celts. Read more

Feb 5 2018

I remember when the Giants won the WS in 2010. My dad cried. I looked over and asked if he was ok. Tears in his eyes he said, “I just really wish your great uncle Tony was here to see this right now.” Read more

Jan 14 2018

Jason gives this game the highest rating possible. Read more

Jan 5 2018

A friend of mine had an extra ticket to a “Times Talk” at the 92nd St. Y and the topic was “Covering the White House in the Age of Trump.” Against my better judgment I went. It was a free night out and I enjoy live performance art of all kinds. Haberman was one of the panelists. She was very charming and about as Read more

Dec 29 2017

Also Ron. That guy is a real dick.

Dec 24 2017

This is what happens when you eat too many Ls.

Dec 13 2017

“...eventually going to decline into Magic Johnson...” Read more

Dec 12 2017

Well, there’s nothing funny about vapor lock.

Dec 12 2017

I’d drink too if my car was endlessly prone to vapor lock.

Dec 10 2017

My experience with the internet and Paul is that he’s constantly lauded as Point God and the best pure PG of all time who’s unfairly ignored. Read more

Dec 7 2017

Everything we need to know about his MVP deservingness is packed into two facts: he’s a career 27-7-7 guy (already incredible) having a 28-8-8 season in his 15th year in the league.

Dec 6 2017

Starred for your inclusion of Eli with the all-time greats

Dec 1 2017

Jeets bought Jeffrey Loria’s franchise and acted like even more of an asshole. It’s breathtaking.

Dec 1 2017

Something that they have discussed a lot on the show is that A-Rod was always the kind of guy that seemed like he wanted the lights of television on him with all that it entailed. What comes off as a little tone deaf and odd when you’re giving interviews to beat guys is exactly what you need to be when you’re in a TV Read more

Dec 1 2017

Slightly off topic, but A-Rod’s post-baseball PR campaign has been breathtakingly brilliant. Personally, I think it’s all with an eye toward getting into the Hall of Fame rather easily, and I think he’s on his way.

Nov 30 2017

We get it, you’re white

Nov 24 2017

Every blade of that grass stands for the anthem though.