Stochastic Fats
Mar 21 2018

The only comment that matters

Feb 20 2018

There is a lot of Very Important Journalism happening during these Olympics and I am here for every last bit of it. Read more

Feb 11 2018

Definitely, especially since the second half of their schedule is much easier than the first, at least in terms of days off.

Feb 11 2018

A lot of this was about the Celtics playing really bad basketball the last week or so. I they’ve now been down by at least 20 in 3 of their last 4 games and by at least 26 in back to back games. Read more

Jan 28 2018

The Warriors are kind of like the late ‘90s Yankees, in that they are both historically great and very, very lucky. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think this OKC team would have beat the Warriors, in the same way that I don’t think last year’s Spurs would have beat the Warriors if Kawhi stayed healthy, and I’m not 100% Read more

Jan 21 2018

I hesitate to say it’s an effort issue, because he’s out there really trying, you know? Maybe it’s a focus issue, because he *kills* the Cavs every time he plays them, and I always wonder why his numbers aren’t closer to that consistently.

Jan 21 2018

Why isn’t Andrew Wiggins better? He’s not nearly as good on defense as people expected, he’s a terrible passer, and despite being able to jump through the roof he’s at best a mediocre rebounder. Read more

Jan 15 2018

The Super Bowl is on NBC this year. This really could end up being the greatest accidental marketing plan any TV show has ever had.

Jan 4 2018

Never forget: Keith Ellison tried to tell Maggie Haberman that Trump could win, and she — on national television — laughed in his face. Throw that woman into the fucking sun. Read more

Dec 29 2017

“SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt is the best late-night programming on any network.”

Dec 29 2017

Here’s your occasional reminder that the majority of white people — men and women — will vote for him again in 2020.

Dec 22 2017

I’m more interested in his Value Over Replacement Dad ranking, as I think that’s a more accurate measurement.

Dec 12 2017

I fear that this joke will be criminally underappreciated.

Dec 10 2017

I think it’s mostly sports writers who say that about Paul. Fans are constantly screaming “He’s never made it to the Conference Finals,” because the “Ringzzz” narrative has kind of ruined our ability to appreciate certain athletes.

Dec 10 2017

Kidd and Isiah are two of my favorite players ever, but Kidd’s jumpshot was awful for about half his career. I’d take Paul over Isiah, but it’s close.

Dec 10 2017

They’re now 9-0 with Chris Paul in the lineup. I don’t know if it’s still true, but as of two games ago they were actually a better offensive team with Paul on the floor and Harden sitting than the opposite. Ryan Anderson is shooting 79% — no, seriously — on threes when Paul is the one who passes to him. As a team, Read more

Dec 7 2017

He’s averaging 28-8-8 while shooting 59% from the field and 43% from 3 along with a career high in blocks per game. It’s his 15th season. He’s played in seven straight Finals. Read more

Dec 1 2017

Jeter notoriously never said a single interesting thing in his career, and that was clearly calculated. But just because he never said anything didn’t necessarily mean that he was secretly an asshole. So I do understand why people wouldn’t see this coming, but there was also no reason for anyone to assume he was a Read more