gentrificating fire team
Nov 1 2019

ALSO, thank you for making McKenna the last EIC of DS. Brilliant. I hope you are writeing a book about the demise of DS and the rise of zombie culture, Diana we need you to do that. xo Read more

Nov 1 2019

Deadspin helped me through some very rough times over the years. I’ve loved it for a long time, writers and commetariate alike, and I learned a lot from all of you. I’ll miss you. Also, thanks for making DUAN what it was, luv4allmusic!!! Deadspin forever.

Mar 11 2019

What I worry about is that sooner or later the damage he’s doing to the economy will break it, we’ll have another crash, and it will probably be right after Dems take control of the WH and the Congress, causing these idiots to blame it on Dems. I worry about this a lot, actually. 

Mar 8 2019

Every once in a while one of these things gets under my guard and blows me up. This is one of those. It was more than clear that the judge is a Trump supporter throughout the trial, so this should not be surprising. But it is. The blatant corruption of this judge just knocks me sideways. Read more

Feb 27 2019

Those shoes are nuts. It seems like they’d be good in a bondage setting, or possibly at a very fancy gala, but with a tweed suit in the middle of the day? I can’t get over it. It’s SO weird. 

Feb 27 2019

Yes. I personally do not care at all about the coat, I want to talk about the shoes. How high are they? How small are those heels? Why would one wear something like that with a tweed suite of all things??? WTF!!!???!!!

Feb 9 2019

Probably because these women only told close friends and/or family up until now. This is quite common, and we’ve gone over the reasons why that happens numerous times over the last few years. I’m not being snotty to you, I’m just saying it’s a common pattern that these things don’t get documented at the time, only Read more