Thursday 10:01PM

Esther (Mckenna Grace) stops Janine (Madeline Brewer) from eating poisoned berries.” Read more

Wednesday 3:18PM

I’ve seen the whole series, but it might be nice to list season and episode number for each of these.

Tuesday 5:32PM

Knowing NASA and Florida weather, you’ll probably be wasting your money if you try to be there the date they say.

6/09/21 7:57PM

I still can’t tell whether Lawrence is a good guy or a bad guy. I’m guessing that’s intentional but I never know whether to root for him or not. Read more

6/08/21 5:40PM

Got to be Paul Rudd and Tom Hanks (remember he came up with the Coco moniker).

6/03/21 11:18PM

I know every design decision for these explorers is huge, but how is it that 5 or 6 rovers in on Mars exploration and there is still no solution for dust on the solar panels?  Vibration?  A brush for the robot arm (as mentioned)?  Something!  Priorities are important and it just seems like this problem should be a Read more

6/02/21 5:30PM

So good, and an easy binge. Ice was actually my least favorite this season.  Way fewer shorts than last season (18 vs. 8), but glad to hear there will be a volume 3!

6/02/21 1:39PM

I thought this was a dream sequence, especially since I thought one of the protesters looked exactly like Luke. Read more

5/18/21 9:36PM

Is it only this specific Amiibo? Sometimes powers work for all of the same type of Amiibo (for example, all Zelda amiibos may grant the same power).

5/17/21 3:24PM

I had to rewind and look at the episode info multiple times to make sure I had started episode 6 and not some episode from a different show!  What a fakeout!

5/17/21 3:09PM

Yes, I meant Harriet.  Don’t know why I thought her name was Hannah.

5/17/21 4:52AM

I thought Knitter was Hannah and the closed captioning had her say “H...” when she was saying her name as she died.  Maybe she’s the one who hitched a ride.

5/16/21 8:37PM

I watched on Hulu and there was no Broadway sketch, so it must be a song rights issue.

5/13/21 1:23PM

Can someone explain where this “Timeless Wells” came from, like what previous episode? I don’t remember this at all, unless they’re saying that after they recreated the speed force, that’s what Wells turned into and somehow Barry knows he’s in the year 2000 (?). Read more

5/13/21 12:51PM

The DIY part of me cringed seeing Toby paint over repaired drywall that they just put in.

5/11/21 11:19AM

I’m going to really miss this show, but I always found it weird that Thomas Payne is only 12 years younger than his mom on the show!

5/07/21 1:29PM

Not exactly the same, but Nintendo always sends you two emails when you do a digital purchase: one that you’ve “added funds to your account” and then the second one for the actual purchase.  And, of course, the e-shop doesn’t have a cart so if you want to buy a few things during a sale, you get two emails for each Read more